When you find several major scenes of pregnancy, some people know before leaving the basin. See which one you are?

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For women, pregnancy is a great event in life, and October conception is also a happy way for a mother.According to statistics from big data, people found that they were pregnant in the early 1-3 months of pregnancy, because they started to show their arms in the middle of pregnancy, and their figures have changed significantly, but there will always be exceptions.

I saw such a news. A pregnant woman did not find that she was pregnant with her baby, and thought she was fat. It wasn’t until she went to the hospital to find that she was pregnant. She was really a "later -knowledgeable" mother.

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In real life, the symptoms and changes of pregnancy vary from person to person. Everyone finds that their pregnancy scenes are different. Look at the following embarrassing scenes. Which one do you belong to?

Medical research has found that women will change a lot after pregnancy, and the elevated progesterone in the body will stimulate the body to produce discomfort, such as stomach pain and chest tingling sensation in the early pregnancy.

Maternals will capture these signals as soon as possible, and novice pregnant mothers often ignore, but as the discomfort intensifies, they can still find that they are pregnant.

The classic pregnancy bridge in the TV series is that women cover their mouths and vomit, and others ask "Are you pregnant"!

This method is also an important way for women to discover pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction is stronger, the greasy meals cannot eat, and usually feel that the delicious food also changes the taste. Most of them are pregnant.

It is determined that pregnancy seems to be absurd with the "sixth sense", but it is actually well -founded.Generally, women are very sensitive to their menstrual periods and physical changes, especially if there is no contraceptive measures, it is easier to recruit.

Some people even dream of a child, but there is no scientific basis, and can only be explained by "sixth sense".

If the belly is bulging, I find that I am pregnant, it is really a lucky expectant mothers, because I have not experienced pregnancy, nausea, and back pain.

However, when showing a nostalgia usually occurs 4-6 months of pregnancy, once you find it, you must go to the hospital to check in time to ensure the normal development of your baby.

Contemporary young women are under pressure. Many people have the habit of fitness. They may accidentally lose their baby. After regretting, they find that they are pregnant.

It is worth reminding those who are appropriate to pay more attention to their physical changes, don’t miss the baby’s relationship with the baby because of a moment.

Mom laughed and asked: How do you find that you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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