When you are pregnant, your parents insist on sending the dog away?Listening to the wind is rain, the scientific knowledge is "harmed" the dog

Veterinary Xiaoming has heard a lot of things about dog breeding during pregnancy. Some pregnant parents will insist that they must send the dog away to prevent pregnant women from touching the dogs. Some parents can still be persuaded, but some parentsPersistence is inaccurate, so that internal disputes in the family have occurred, because the little thing of dog breeding has led to the unhappiness of the entire family.

In fact, parents are good for their children. Their starting point is also kind. The contradiction between raising dogs during pregnancy is mainly due to the lack of good communication between parents and pregnant women. Pregnant women must persuade themselves and persuade their parents. In fact, dogs during pregnancy are completely dogs.Safe and feasible.

Listening to the wind is rain, the scientific knowledge is "harmed" the dog

For many people who oppose dogs during pregnancy, they are mainly afraid that dogs will have an impact on pregnant women and children after birth. Often these people have seen a lot of knowledge about the disadvantages of dogs during pregnancy, or they have really seen it in life.Those who are affected by dog children are affected by dogs. They have already produced a "fear" of dogs, and they have enlarged the disadvantages of those dogs in their hearts.Here, the veterinarian Xiaoming has something to say. Don’t understand the knowledge of hair, you can panic blindly, it is completely unreliable.

★ "The dog is too dirty and has bacteria on the body. What should I do if my life is sick?"

First of all, if you really decide to raise a dog during pregnancy, the dog’s hygiene must be done well. You must take a bath regularly to keep the dog’s nest clean, and to remove the dogs regularly. Of course, the vaccine must be complete.Under such circumstances, dogs will not be "so dirty" as their parents say.

Take a step back, even if we human beings have bacteria, if we want to survive normally in this world, people cannot live in a sterile environment. The sterile environment will only reduce the baby’s immunityEssenceAnd even breast milk is bacterial, and the air breathing air is also bacteria. The flora in the human body still maintains a delicate balance with the external floraThe bacterial environment.

★ "Dogs have parasites, what if the infection affects children?"

The maximum safety hazard for pregnant women’s dogs may be toxoplasma disease, because once pregnant women are infected with Toxoplasma, the consequences are quite serious.Therefore, many parents listening to the wind are rain. They think they know the bowworm very much, and they feel that the dog cannot be raised.There are also many people who are preparing for pregnancy to raise dogs but dare not stay.

In fact, there is no need to be so panic.First of all, we must find out that the infection of Toxoplasma is mainly through food intake. People eat raw meat with toxoplasma or foods without cooked is the main way to infect the toxoplasma.Can be infected with Toxoplasma.

Coupled with the cat’s ultimate host of the bowworm, if you eat foods contaminated with cats or body fluids by mistake, you can infect the toxoplasma.

If you are really not assured, you can also go to the hospital for a bowworm to check to eliminate doubts.

★ "Dogs are everywhere at home, what if you are allergic?"

Some people are inherently allergic to dog hair, and this situation must not be kept, but when such people are excluded, raising dogs will not cause allergies under normal circumstances.

Moreover, foreign studies have shown that pet dogs can reduce the chance of children’s allergies, allow pregnant women to have pets or infants to contact pets in the early days, and can also reduce the chance of child obesity.

★ "What should I do if I play with a dog?"

Here you need to establish a good mode of getting along with the children and children. If you are not adults, do not rely too close to children and dogs. Usually parents can cultivate dogs to be used to touch. When you touch the dog, reward it a small snack.Let the dog know that they can be rewarded if they are touched, so if the child has no intention to grab the dog’s body, the dog will not reflect the condition to bite people.

Before the veterinarian Xiaoming heard a friend, a pair of old grandpa and grandma’s daughter -in -law were pregnant. She hated the dog very much and asked her husband to send the dog away.There is no disease.I hope my son will not send the dog away so cruelly.

When hearing this incident, the veterinarian Xiaoming was very moved, so you see, not only parents will oppose pregnant dogs, and some pregnant women cannot accept themselves.

In some people’s eyes, dogs are dogs, just a beast. They are not pleasing to the eye. Of course, they will find various reasons to exclude dogs and send the dog away.For those who treat dogs as family members, they can’t even leave the dogs. Maybe the dogs will be in a low mood and depression.

This is to see if you can accept the dog itself. If you don’t like the dog itself, it is useless no matter how persuasion, just like you can never wake up a person who pretend to be sleeping, and you can’t move a person who doesn’t like to not love."Dog" heart.

Although the veterinarian Xiaoming said that so many pregnant women and dogs can coexist, it mainly depends on the decision of the pregnant woman itself.Some pregnant women they want to raise dogs themselves, but raising dogs and worrying all day, they are still suspicious, so passively convinced themselves to cause psychological burden, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women.

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