When you are pregnant, do you have to sleep on the left side?Sleeping uncomfortable, uncomfortable fetal movement, can’t change the sleeping position?

Almost all expectant mothers face a problem when the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, that is, it is not good to find that the matter of sleeping is not good at all.

Not only because of a large belly problem, it is more about which direction this big belly is in.

Today, I will talk to you. In the third trimester, how should this consciousness sleep?

For prospective mothers in the third trimester, your most often sleeping posture is lying on the left.

Because this posture can reduce the compression of the aorta and iliac artery, and maintaining the normal blood flow of the placenta, it can also ensure that the fetus is sufficiently oxygen and nutrients.

Moreover, because the uterus in the third trimester is generally rotating right, and the tension of the uterine blood vessels can also be reduced if it is lying on the left, which is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

In addition, lying on the left is also much beneficial to expectant mothers.

For example, it is conducive to delaying or avoiding hypertension during pregnancy. For prospective mothers who have already suffered from hypertension during pregnancy, they can also cause edema to disappear and prevent convulsions.

At this point of view, if the expectant mother does not lie on the left to sleep, the sense of guilt in her heart can swell to burst.

However, although the truth is the truth, it is full of tears in practice.

Some expectant mothers are lying carefully and cautiously on the left, and they dare not move all night, like a bunker.

As a result, there is no way to sleep all night.

Have you ever seen the sky at 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 5 o’clock in the morning?It’s so beautiful that people can’t help crying.

Some expectant mothers sleep too much because they lie on the left side. The left half of her body is sore and painful. I feel that I can write a paramalky.

Some expectant mothers, when they sleep on the left side, they will have a stuffy nose, snoring, esophageal reflux, and even contraction pain, which is extremely uncomfortable.

However, after a few days of persistence, I suddenly found a good way, that is, sitting up and meditation, these symptoms are gone!

Other expectant mothers, when they slept, they were lying on the left, but when they woke up in the morning, they became lying on the right, even lying flat.I woke up and woke up very blankly. Who am I?Where am I?Why did I turn over again?

Speaking of which, many deep -hearted expectant mothers may ask, is it really going to sleep like this in the third trimester?

If this is the case, life during pregnancy is simply a three -point happiness, looking forward to seven points, and the remaining ninety points are stuffy!

In fact, sleeping in the third trimester does not need to be so nervous at all.

Next, I will tell you how to sleep in the third trimester.

Although lying on the left is indeed good for mothers and babies, they do not need to lie on the left side all night.

You can choose the method of lying on the left side and supplemented on the right side, change the left and right side to find the comfortable sleeping position that is most suitable for you.

Speaking of this, many expectant mothers may say that if I like to lie on the right side, or I lie on the right side, lie flat, or even lie down, maybe I will find it after waking up.It’s not good?

In fact, regarding this, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much, because if it really affects the baby, or your sleeping position makes the baby feel uncomfortable, he will never be indifferent. Fetal movement is the most direct way he expresses the protest that protests.At that time, you only need to adjust the sleeping position in time.

If the baby does not protest, but if you find that the sleeping position is changed, then it is okay to adjust it.

Although the posture can be changed freely, many expectant mothers still feel uncomfortable lying down, uncomfortable their backs, and their legs seem to be not their own.

In fact, at this time, expectant mothers can choose to put a few pillows between the back and legs, or put the pillow on any part of any part that you feel, until you can find the best sleeping position.

If you feel that the pillow is inconvenient, you can also use a relatively large -volume object such as a quilt or pregnant woman.

All in all, it is the first criterion to make you feel most comfortable.

In the end, the editor wants to say that for some expectant mothers, even if the sleeping position can be changed freely, it will still not sleep all night, lying on the tail bone pain, and the pain on the side of the ribs.

For this situation, the expectant mothers can only reduce this discomfort only by adjusting the sleeping position as much as possible.

Speaking of this, did the expectant mothers resonate?

Do you have any sad stories about sleeping?

Xiaobian first share one.

A expectant mother couldn’t sleep, and said to his husband, "I feel like a pancake, come back and forth back to the stall."

Her husband laughed in a spoiled: "Isn’t it!"

Before she was touched, he heard him make up again: "How can you have you as a big one …"

Alas, this is really a sad story.

In fact, whether you are sad and uncomfortable, or that you sum up your personal experience to alleviate discomfort, these are the precious wealth of expectant mothers.Share it, you will find that there are so many strong women around you who work hard to become a good mother!


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