When you are pregnant, can you raise a cat?

Two days ago, when I heard that a pregnant mother was tangled or not to keep pets, I suddenly wanted to talk about my soybeans.

Once soybean

Soybean is a cat picked up by my eldest daughter on the side of the road. At that time, it was raining in the world and a little muddy on the road. The daughter ran directly when she saw a kitten cat. When I went, she held the cat on the cat.In my hand, I asked me: "Mom, can you hold it back? See it wet all over the body." I agreed, the cat was really small, it seemed that it was just full of moon, wet, and wet appearance.Poor.On the other hand, my daughter has this love, and of course I want to cultivate it.In this way, bring a stray cat back home.At that time, I really didn’t want to adopt it, I just wanted to bring it back to avoid the rain and satisfy the child’s small wish.However, this little guy has lived in my house for five years, and the story during the period can be written.Today, I talk about whether pets and pregnant women can live together.

Dabao and soybeans

Emotionally, if you really like your pets, it has been raised for a long time like a child. I think you will definitely not give up because of pregnancy.

From a security perspective, the ratio of the so -called bow -shaped worm is very small and small, and it can be detected and prevented in the early pregnancy.However, once a woman is pregnant, it is not possible to say that it can be said.

Then I said that my soybeans have been hit only in the first four years of my family life. It never goes out without eating raw meat. I thought it would not be stained with any disease, and I never had a needle.The soybeans are very good and easily scratch.

However, Xiaobao’s sudden arrival really made me stunned. After repeatedly checked the information, I decided to go to the hospital for examination. If there is no problem with the fetus, I have to send the soybeans or foster.Safety first.

Like all kinds of boxes

The arc -shaped insect inspection is passed, and the doctor’s opinion is also consistent with us -although the infection rate is very low, but if you decide to be a child, it is best not to raise pets.

My husband likes cats very much, but in order to take care of my emotions, he also agrees to find a person for soybeans.After returning home, I discussed with my daughter. After talking about a bunch of truths, my daughter had only one answer: I want to be cats and younger sisters!(She hopes to have a sister since she was a child).

Looking at her tears, my husband and I had to temporarily dispel the idea of sending away soybeans.However, there are still worries.From then on, I tried not to contact soybeans, feeding, shit, and bathing. They were all wrapped in their father and daughter. You know, I used to do the most. They just knew that hugs and funny.

As the birth period approaches, the new troubles come again, especially the two elderly people, when they meet, they talk about cats, worrying that Xiaobao is born with soybeans to catch and bite.When the child is older, he will tease the cat, afraid that soybeans will attack … The daughter is not good at arguing, but every time I hear us talk about these, I am obviously panic and worry.I will tell me in private: Don’t give me the soybeans, I believe it will definitely not catch my sister.

Innocent eyes

In this way, all kinds of reluctance.Until Erbao was born, soybeans have been living with us.Soybean usually likes to climb on the window sill of my bedroom to look out and look out. It has not changed after Xiaobao, but it is no longer just looking out, but from time to time, the baby on the bed is watched. We are worried that it will see the baby see the baby.The shaking little hand will rush over.So take care of the baby from time to time, and keep warning soybeans: Do not move your sister!

The mother who served the confinement did not like cats. When she saw soybeans into the house, she secretly hit it and warned it not to be close to the baby’s bed.Slowly, the soybeans were no longer jumping through the beds and the window sill, but around the ground at the end of the bed and climbed up the window sill. When it came down, it gently walked around.

I lay on the bed every day "confinement", watching the changes of the soybeans day by day, and slowly relaxed my vigilance.One day I saw it approaching the baby while I was not quiet, I hid behind the door and wanted to see what it would be. I made it to stop it at any time.Teach it once.However, everything is so harmonious, soybeans gently and slowly walk closer to the sleeping Xiaobao step by step. When they go to the pillow, stop, there is no action, so watch Xiaobao so quietly.His face, looked at it for a while, turned gently, jumped onto the window sill …

In fact, in our house, my feelings for soybeans are the thinnest, and I have always turned a blind eye about the reports of pets and owners’ deep feelings.Just because my daughter and husband liked it, I kept raising soybeans.But at that moment, when the soybeans looked at the sleeping Xiaobao, I suddenly believed that the soybeans knew us!Pets understand human beings!IntersectionSoybeans are also love Xiaobao!IntersectionIntersection

Xiaobao and soybeans

Later, the baby gradually grew up, and actually liked to crooked his little head to watch the soybeans climbing on the window sill. Sometimes, watching the two of them looked at each other so much, he was warm, and he was glad to leave the soybeans.

Later, you can hold your baby on the balcony and on the sofa.It is easy to find that where the baby is, the soybeans will follow.It is always near us, finding a place to crawl or squat, and watch Xiaobao quietly.

Seeing that it has never been scratching Xiaobao’s motivation, we no longer rigorously admit it to it. Sometimes, I will hold her baby’s little hand to let her feel the softness and warmth of the cat hair …

Soybean and Xiaobao

Soybeans and Xiaobao are surprised to us.A family of four, plus soybeans, we live together, warm and happy!Intersection

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Author: Swallow

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