When you are pregnant and give birth to children, you will be pregnant.

There are many benefits of eating vegetarian. Eating vegetarian is a kind of attitude. Being vegetarian is a lifestyle. Being vegetarian is a fashion. It is also a feeling for some people and vegetarianism.In the United States, vegetarians account for about 2.5%of adults, of which about 1%of strict vegetarians.India is the country with the most vegetarians in the world, and it is estimated that approximately 40%of the population.As for China, data with no authoritative vegetarians are estimated to have about 50 million vegetarians, and this number is still increasing year by year.

There are still different vegetarians, Veggie and Vegan are still different.

VEGGIE (vegetarian): These people do not eat animal foods such as birds, beasts, fish and shrimp, etc., and only eat grain, vegetables and fruits and other plants. Vegetarianism in various countries in the world or different cultures is different.Consume "amaranth" such as honey, milk and eggs.

Vegan (strict vegetarian): These people only eat vegetarian foods, and they do not even eat milk, eggs, honey and other foods, and do not even use animal products such as leather and wool.

The troubles of vegetarians after pregnancy

Before pregnancy, eating vegetarian is a personal business, but once you are pregnant, it seems to have become a family business. Mother -in -law and mothers have begun to use various means to intimidate to induce mothers to eat.To be or not to be, that is a question!

Although they are intimidated, mother -in -law and mother are still different.Mom usually persuades. If the daughter does not listen, the mother usually shakes her head helplessly, or secretly tells me in private: Doctor, please ask you to persuade my daughter.The mother -in -law’s tone is often different from her mother, and her eyes are different. It seems that the expectant mothers do not eat the ravioli, but they are breaking their grandson or granddaughter of their family (not every mother -in -law).

In fact, pregnancy is not so terrible. Let ’s show this article to your mother -in -law and mother. If she does n’t believe it, take her over the clinic next time. Let me talk to them about evidence -based medicine and clinical guide.

If you are pregnant, you can not eat it.

In nature, many grass -eating mammals never eat ravioli, and the children born are still very good.Hundreds of years ago, humans rarely had the opportunity to eat ravioli.For vegetarians, if you can accept it, you can eat some amaranth after pregnancy; if you don’t like it, you don’t need to force yourself to eat ravioli, but the diet structure must be appropriately adjusted.Throughout pregnancy, if the dietary structure can be adjusted, the only vegetarians need additional supplements are vitamin B12.


Soy products can provide high -quality protein like meat fish and shrimp. If it is Veggie, you can also eat eggs and milk to supplement protein; if it is Vegan, the intake of simple beans and other plant proteins is enough.

Calcium, iron, DHA

Vegetarians (especially strict vegetarians) are prone to lack of calcium, iron, and DHA, but even if they are not vegetarians, if the diet structure is uneven, calcium deficiency, iron deficiency, and lack of DHA will occur.As long as the diet structure is balanced, vegetarians can also obtain sufficient calcium, iron, and DHA through different grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits.I do n’t recommend it one by one, you can get the corresponding information on the Internet).If it is not enough, you can add calcium and iron tablets.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 only exists in animal foods. If you eat vegetarian for a long time and do not eat any amaranth, you may lack vitamin B12.Vitamin B12 is also known as "nutritional nerve" vitamins. If it is seriously lacking, it will cause mental weakness, depression, memory loss, numbness, nerve, paranoia, and multiple cognitive dysfunction.If it is Veggie and sufficient dairy or dairy products daily, vitamin B12 deficiency will not occur; if it is Vegan or only eat eggs or dairy products, vitamin B12 is prone to lack of vitamin B12.Essence

In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, there are foods for reinforced vitamin B12 designed for vegetarians, as well as supplementary agents containing vitamin B12.However, in China, such nutritional strengthening foods and nutritional supplements are not popular, and the public lacks this consciousness. Therefore, it is meaningful to strengthen publicity and promotion supplement.


You can continue to be vegetarian when you are pregnant. Please pay attention to the balance of the food structure. If you are Vegan or only eat eggs or dairy or dairy products, please add vitamin B12.The above is also suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

PS: I am a Meat Lover. I do n’t have a “hard dish”. I ’m often entangled in to be or not to be.Eating "hard vegetables" is full of mouth, vegetarian is pursuing health, alas, eat and pursue!

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