When these indicators appear in the early pregnancy, the embryo is sentenced to death

When I am pregnant, Baoma is most worried about the stopping of the fetus. How much Baoma stops the pain in her heart.However, some Baoma or lack of experienced doctors often have this ignorance idea, that is, it is obviously that the fetal stop is stopped, or it will undoubtedly cause more complications to appear, which is harmful and unpleasant.

The reason is that in case the baby is only slowing the fetal heart, and the doctors are afraid of medical disputes, and blindly move to Baoma.Today, as an obstetrician combined with the latest fetal stop guide, it talks about the beta indicators under the B -ultrasound. When these indicators appear, the hats of the fetal stop will be deducted.Unless it was B -ultrasound a mistake made a mistake.

Let’s take a look at these hard indicators!The common pregnancy indicators under the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy are nothing more than pregnancy sacs, germ, yolk, and heart fight.Only if the heart fight can make the mother’s heart feel at ease. Although the heart fight can disappear, the probability of the tire stop after heart fight is greatly reduced.Safe was born, which is actually a wrong point of view.

After saying so much, let’s directly complain about the theme. In the end, it is prompted to stop the fetus.

Let’s talk about the pregnancy sac first. Under normal circumstances, you can see the pregnancy sac in 5 weeks of pregnancy. When the pregnancy sac appears in the uterine cavity, it can be prompted to be pregnant in the palace, but it does not mean that it must be normal pregnancy, especially when you are pregnant as a pregnancy.After the capsule has grown to 25mm in diameter, it is still empty and there is no germ, so sorry, the baby has missed you, even if the gestational sac is still growing, it is just an empty egg, and it will never grow buds.Come.

Let’s talk about germ, germ, but the baby’s real material is real. Under normal circumstances, you can see the germ at 6 weeks of pregnancy.When the embryo is fighting, don’t wait, the baby has stopped developing.Continue to wait can only cause the gestational sac to stick to the endometrium.

Finally, let’s talk about the problem of pregnancy -orabal sacs of the yolk cylinder. After 2 weeks without the yolk sac, there is still no embryonic heart fight, so it is prompted that the tire stops, and there is no need to wait.After 11 days of pregnancy sac, there was still no embryonic heart beat, so it was prompted that the tire stopped.Direct abortion.

Many Baoma may ask, why do you want to talk about these B -ultrasound indicators, and repeatedly, the reason is very simple. In order to better prepare for the next pregnancy, the embryo is not good.Difficulty, and also causes severe endometrial damage after abortion, affecting the next pregnancy, especially the uterine cavity adhesion.Therefore, in order to better have a baby to leave a pure land, he found that the fetus stopped early, and then stopped pregnancy. Do something stupid.

Fetal stop is a kind of natural elimination. It is the result of tens of millions of years of evolution. In order to ensure more healthy babies’ birth and reduce the birth of the sub -product. Often babies with severe chromosome abnormalities or abnormal structures will be eliminated in the early pregnancy., Either fetal stop or natural abortion.

Keeping a optimistic heart is for the advent of a healthy baby. If you want it, then you must be a healthy baby, not a baby who died in his early years. If it is not good, let her leave.You are worth having a healthy baby, and wish you a good pregnancy.

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