When the senior girl was pregnant, the man’s parents did so

I am 23 years old and is a senior girl.I have been in love with a boy in this place for a year, and the two live together in the first half of the year.However, the unfortunate thing was that I found that the "Auntie" did not come this month.

Stress, fear and restlessness make me don’t know what to do.I can only help my boyfriend.My boyfriend bought me a pregnancy test paper.

Complete the operation according to the instructions, wait for the results.At that moment, I was so nervous that constantly praying that menstruation was not on time.Unfortunately, not everything goes so smoothly. After 2 minutes, the results showed two bars, indicating that I was pregnant.

I told my boyfriend sadly that I was even ready to remove the child.However, the boyfriend said that when he for a while, he dealt with something, and half an hour he came to me.

After my boyfriend came to me, let me go home tomorrow, ask my mother’s opinion, and see if I can agree with me to give birth to the child, he will deal with other things.

I went home with a sorrowful mood. After several tangles, I still whispered to my mother: Mom, I’m pregnant.

I should have a few meals in imagination, and then ask me to kill it.When I told my mother, I was worried about it, but at that time, my mother stunned and said to me: Go to the boy and let me see people.If it’s not bad, get married. If the boy’s character is not good, then the child must be killed.

After listening to my mother’s words, I shed tears moved, and at the same time hurriedly called his boyfriend to call him over.

However, my boyfriend told me that it was already in my neighborhood, and it was arrived immediately.

Five minutes later, my doorbell rang.I ran to open the door, not only the boyfriend, but also his parents, and there were a lot of things in my hand.

After entering the door, my boyfriend’s mother pulled me: Come, good boy, let your aunt look, and be wronged.

Then his dad said to my mother again, "Girl, I’m sorry, it is we have not educated good children, which is our fault.

The boyfriend’s mother took out the real estate certificate and the car key from the bag and put it on the table. To my mother, it was: This is our house and car. As long as you have no opinion, I will transfer to my daughter in this car and the house.If they can let them take the certificate, give birth to the child, I will bring it, they will continue their studies.As for Cai Li, you can mention any requirements, and we try our best to meet.Do you see it?

My mother hadn’t spoken yet, and her boyfriend stated that: I’m sorry for my aunt, all of which are my fault to get pregnant, but please rest assured that I will be good to the little ones in the future. I hope you can agree with our marriage.

Listening to the words of my boyfriend and his parents, my heart was warmed, and I felt that I didn’t see the wrong person.And my mother didn’t say anything after listening to them.

After a while, my boyfriend and I looked at my mother nervously. My mother finally spoke: Now that you have done this, the two children also have feelings, and I have no reason to oppose the marriage.I hope you can treat my daughter well, and I have no demands.

When I heard my mother say this, my boyfriend and I were excited to hold together, and my parents laughed.

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