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Recently, the news of a female college student’s dormitory dormitory was searched for the news. In the video, the female college students were lying on the dirty toilet land. There was a wolf borrowing on the scene. The toilet pit was a newborn baby.Time is sighing.

Many girls did not know that they were pregnant because of lack of experience, and finally made some mistakes, making people cry and laugh.In fact, after conceived, we will release some signals, and these signals are often ignored by us.

[Sun] [Signal 1] Dizziness

Pregnancy can cause insufficient blood supply to pregnant women’s brain, so dizziness will be dizzy.

[Sun] [Signal 2] Nausea and vomiting

It will vomit after one month of pregnancy. This is because the changes in the body stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause gastrointestinal spasm.

[Sun] [Signal 3] Body temperature rising

The base temperature of pregnant women is about 0.5 ° C (about 36.8-37.0 ° C) higher than normal people. After ovulation, the basal body temperature will rise, and the body temperature will be reduced after menstruation.It may be pregnant.

[Sun] [Signal 4] Emotional instability

[Sun] [Signal 5] tired and drowsiness

After pregnancy, melatonin will rise, making people very lethargic.

[Sun] [Signal 6] The breasts become soft and the areola becomes black

Under the influence of estrogen hormones after pregnancy, female breasts will develop twice, not only softer, but also bigger.

[Sun] [Signal 7] Sudden appetite

Pregnancy can cause endocrine disorders and affect digestion and absorption.

[Sun] [Signal 8] Constipation

Hormone affects digestion during pregnancy.Constipation is a common symptom of early pregnancy.

[Sun] [Signal 9] Thirst

Accelerating metabolism can lead to thirst

[Sun] [Signal 10] Urine frequency

Estrogen can cause frequent urination during pregnancy

[Sun] [Signal 11] Brown secretions

When fertilized eggs are in bed, some female friends will have a small amount of brown secretion. As long as they are not a lot of bleeding, strenuous abdominal pain, don’t worry.

[Sun] [Signal 12] Increased vaginal secretions

Pelvic congestion during pregnancy stimulates the increase in vaginal discharge

[Sun] [Signal 13] Little abdominal pain

When fertilized eggs, some women have a swelling feeling.

[Sun] [Signal 14] Strong feeling

The sixth sense of women is very strong. When I am pregnant, I will have a magical sixth sense, especially when you look forward to this child, the sixth sense is stronger.

[Sun] [Signal 15] Starty of menopause

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