When she was derailed by her husband during pregnancy, she was looking for her belly, and threatened to conceive her husband’s child.

Chapter One

In the winter room, there is insufficient heating, the cold of Sense.

Qiao Nianyu was sitting on the sofa, and the test sheet held in her hand had been seen for a long time, and her eyes were astringent.

The thin blanket was covered with her shoulders, and her thin body felt weak warmth.The corner of her eyes was a little cold. She wiped it gently and did not look back. For two years, she did not dare to drink, dare not make up, and dare not sit in front of the computer for a long time, or even stay away from second -hand smoke.

However, for such a long time, she suddenly found that her husband was incomparable. Now she still asked her to "borrow sophisticated children". What she did was a joke. How did she bear it?

She rejected her husband’s request and went to the hospital to find a girlfriend to do IVF. Although the child had it, the relationship between the husband and wife was cold.

She had a serious pregnancy response, and she was too lazy to spend Gu Ze. She packed her housework and threw dirty clothes into the laundry barrel to clean it.

Randomly took a pocket, but the whole person froze.

The things in your hand are white and soft, and it turned out to be a condom that has been used!

These days, Gu Ze is sleeping sofa, and she has never had a house when she was pregnant, unless he was stealing!

"Gu Ze!"

She roared, scared that Gu Li almost rolled down from the sofa.

Gu Ze, who had just taken a shower in the bathroom, revealed his head, wiped his wet hair, and walked impatiently. "It’s not the deaf.

"What is this!" Qiao Nianyu’s clean and white face was dark at this moment, and his heart seemed to be a depressed volcano, with magma overflowing.

Gu Ze’s eyes fell on her hands, only feeling that the back of the back was cold, and the whole person was stunned.

The memory was still two night before. She was in a bad mood. She went to the nightclub to buy drunk and was drunk.When waking up, a charming woman was embraced.

Whoever thought, he was confused and left in his pants pocket.

"Wife …"

He explained that Qiao Nianyu drank coldly: "Who is your wife!"

The sticky condom was thrown under her feet and was extremely disgusting.

Gu Ze smiled twice, and said, "Colleagues gather, sincere adventure, prank!"

"Colleagues? Which colleague will put you on you so much, you give me the mobile phone number, I want to ask him what he is, if you want to make a family discomfort!"

Looking at Qiao Nianyu’s chest ups and down, Xingshi asked sin, Gu Ze’s eyes beating, knowing that the matter would not be back, he kneeling on the ground.

"Wife, you listen to me, it’s all my fault, I’m not intentional, I …" He was afraid of being at a loss, and his tongue knotted.

He admitted that Qiao Nianyu’s hand trembled on both sides. Although he had expected it, it can be seen that he first planted his colleague, and after being dismantled, he was still disappointed in his heart, and Mu Mu was greater than his heart!

She didn’t expect that Gu Ze would be derailed when she was pregnant, and knew that he had no fertility and was sorry for her!

"Gu Ze, you really make me disgusting, let’s divorce!" When the words fell, she was already nasal, her eyes were wet.

She can tolerate his family for test tubes for his test tubes, but how can she endure? During her pregnancy, he and another woman rolled the sheets?

"No, my wife, I’m confused for a while! Wife!" Gu Ze knelt forward, holding the condom and holding her pants.

Chapter II Derail

Mother -in -law Ye Mei came out of the sound. When she saw the half -jacket under the knee of her son, and then looked at the appearance of Qiao Nianyu Xing, everything was clear.

When the daughter -in -law is pregnant, the body is inconvenient to not satisfy the man. Naturally, the son will "find food" outside, but after all, this matter cannot be made on the table. Although Ye Mei resents Qiao Nianyu’s sensible, she falls into Gu Zezi.After all, I endured it.

"Read the rain, you think of Gu Ze’s mistake, don’t you get angry. Anyway, don’t you think about the children in the belly?"Do you know what kind of person Gu Ze is? I guess I was drunk and went to those ladies. "

"Being fooled? Men have no such heart, can she stuff it in?" Qiao Nianyu pulled out his hand, and he was stubborn. "There is no good thing in your family!"

Since she was pregnant, Ye Mei has lived here with the banner of taking care of her grandson. She also brought the uncle Gu Li, who was a dragging oil bottle.She was too lazy to argue with them for her children, but she did not expect Gu Ze to treat her like this.

Ye Mei has a pale face and is not easy to attack. He has to change Gu Ze and get up.

"Nausea!" Qiao Nianyu looked at Gu Ze, who was drooping his eyebrows, and felt dirty!

She left angrily, Ye Mei twisted his arm fiercely: "Why do you say that you are so disappointing, he sleeps and goes to go home with a handle! I don’t know if she is pregnant now.Writing ancestor? "

"Mom, how can I know that it will make this …" Gu Ze frowned, and his face could not lift his head without light. When he heard Ye Mei mentioning his child, he was even more unhappy. The ghost knew which man was the wild species!

If you hadn’t thought about Qiao Nianyu’s child’s child and wearing a green hat for him, could he impulse to find pleasure outside?This problem was still on him, and he could only bear it, and he didn’t dare to say it to Ye Mei.

Seeing his son’s grievances, Ye Mei brushed away the color, and his voice slowed down several degrees.It is inevitable to wipe the gun away. She has also been in college. I do n’t know how this scene is. "

Gu Ze didn’t breathe, but Ye Mei’s words were getting his heart, and then the guilt also reduced a lot.

It’s not that he "play" alone, but the one who is a "mother night forsk"!

"Read the rain, read the rain, can you open the door?"

This was the early morning of ten days later. Gu Ze stood at the door of the bedroom and knocked gently. There was no one in the room.

He knew that Qiao Nianyu was still angry with him, but he did all of his apology, and he did a little warm -up. What else did she want?The more she took Joe, the more he felt his patience became more and more useful.

After standing for a long time, Gu Ze sighed, "I read the rain, I went to work, it’s cold, you wear a thick real point at home."

After waiting for a few minutes, Qiao Nianyu was still unexpected.Gu Ze had to turn around and rub it again, and he would be late at work.

"Dangdang crotch."

As soon as he took the threshold, he suddenly appeared in the back, accompanied by the beautiful voice, Gu Ze was startled.

"Gu Ze, what are you shaking? I don’t eat you again." The woman smiled and her hair was white, her hair was gray, she was wearing fox fur with tight leather pants, and her body was well -proportioned.

Chapter III Xiaosan Find the door

Gu Ze’s momentary stunned, with the eyes of her secretly sent by Qiu Bo, he remembered those lingering pictures.

"You, how did you find it?" He closed the door with his backhand, pushing a woman like an enemy to the stairwell.

The woman’s back was against the cold wall, but she didn’t smile angrily. She said, "Just when I met, she was so wolf, what the monkey was in a hurry, and said at home."

Nian and Qiao Nianyu were still at home, Gu Ze was even more creepy, and lowered his scolding: "Isn’t it just for money? You also investigate me!"

After speaking, he started to pay money.

"Child?" Gu Ze was surprised and sneered in the next second. "The scam means have been upgraded? I tell you, you are looking for the wrong person! I have a low survival rate of congenital sperm, how can I get pregnant?"

Gu Ze sneered and said what happened recently at home. The woman did not expect that this would happen. After a brief shock, he calmed down and sent a text message in his pocket.

"It’s true! I’m really pregnant! If you don’t believe it, we go to the hospital for examination! Now that technology is so developed, it can be calculated by pregnancy time." The woman holds his hand and keeps it.A pair of water glowing seemed to be unbearable.

Qiao Nianyu, Gu Zegu, simply agreed to go to the hospital with his own consent.Otherwise, the entanglement is unclear to know the rain, so you must divorce him!

"Congratulations on the two, Miss Yu is really pregnant."

Gu Ze was sitting in the clinic with a single test, the bulls on the B -ultrasound, and the laboratory was clearly marked on the test sheet. Everything was silently destroyed his body and mind.

"How is it possible!" He couldn’t believe it. Obviously, a previous test result broke his backbone. What is this now!

"This is not easy. Didn’t you say that your wife has a doctor friend? It is not easy for a report to forge a report? Do you do not agree with Mr. Huang’s fertility and be a test tube baby.so coincidental?"

"I watch on TV, many couples, asking a baby for several years. Some of them are not smooth. How many times do you have to do, your wife is so good?"

Yu Ran’s words ignited Gu Ze’s anger like a fire. Those suspicion and then tossing into a grassland, he felt that the green on his head could run for horseback!

Body!It must be that bitch in secret!Maybe there is a kind of love husband in the stomach, what test, and what test tubes are flickering him!

Okay, a bitch with him as a monkey!This is the unprepared point, and find him to be a ready -made father!

Fortunately, God is not thin, and this woman has children, so that she will not make her rape!

Qiao Nianyu kept herself in the room, and the reaction during pregnancy became more and more obvious. She had to sleep for one and a half hours a day.

Listening to Ye Mei said that she was taking a nap, and she told Gu Ze a little bit, and the anger in Gu Ze’s heart could not be suppressed!Don’t you have a wild species, this is true?

"Bang!" Gu Ze kicked on the door of the room, and the sky was shouted. Qiao Nianyu suddenly woke up from his dream. Before he responded, he was tightly clenched with a big hand and will be tightened.She dragged the whole person to the ground.

"Butter, you dare to lie to me! You fucking to divorce me, the means are very clever! Ah?"

Chapter 4 Turnive Storm

"Gu Ze, let go, it hurts …" Qiao Nianyu’s scalp is to be revealed.

She pulled Gu Ze’s sleeves in a hurry, but was dragged to the ground by Gu Ze, and looked like a demon. "Lao Tzu will kill you today! Wild species of others are very awesome, right? I was applauded by you.Do you think it ’s indispensable, right?"

"It hurts ~ it hurts ~ let me go ~ What do you say I don’t know? It’s painful …"

Qiao Nianyu did not go out of the house and did not have a loss of appetite, and there was no strength of resistance. She was distorted by her facial features, and she could only ask for mercy helplessly.

"I don’t know? Lie ghost!"

A test single was covered on her face: "Open your dog’s eyes to see clearly! Lao Tzu can give birth! Yuran has my child, and you … collude with your fox friends and dog friends, it is incomparable to rely on me!"

In the living room, Qiao Nianyu was sitting in a corner of the japs, and the corner of the eyebrows broke his mouth, and his blood dripped along his cheeks.

"What looks good, I am so good that I have the flesh of my Gu family. I wait for you every day. Who knows that what I am pregnant with a small hybrid!" Ye Mei knew the ins and outs of the dragon, and the eye knife fell on Qiao Nianyu., I can’t wait to swallow her!

Men are most important to this kind of thing. She dared to do hands and feet on it. Isn’t this clear that they made them from the family and the grandchildren?hateful!

When she thought that some time ago she made Gu Ze kneeling through the condom, it was a gift and apology. Even she whispered to her and took the proud look of her head, and it was even more irritating!

"Su Yun couldn’t make an error!" Qiao Nianyu’s lips were stunned, and his face had a piece of green and purple, and there was no good place.

"Oh -do you mean I was wrong?" Yu Ran was sitting next to Gu Ze’s body, glanced at his eyes, and a little shy. She helped her belly and said, "The children in my belly are not falseYes, this is a test list, you can see clearly during that time! "

"One of you sold out, who knows how many men have done it, shameless!" Qiao Nianyu glanced at the inspection list, anger, and Gu Ze was derailed.

What is a test sheet?Just prove that the child is Gu Ze?

"Who should be shameless?" Gu Ze was calm, and once again jumped like a thunder.Yu Ranhuai is his child. She questioned Yu Ran, not just to wear a "incompetent" hat on his head!

Seeing that he was going to beat Qiao Nianyu, Ye Mei grabbed it, and said lightly: "What do you say with the small waves? According to me, it is not my child’s child!See you! "

"Yes, it’s time to flow." Gu Li agreed with his head, and pulled Qiao Nianyu to go out. "Let’s go to the hospital."

"What are you doing! Release your paws! Let go!" Qiao Nianyu was anxious, breaking away from Gu Li, stepped back.In her eyes, the family stared at her, like a wolf tiger and leopard!

She covered her lower abdomen and kept opening the distance, one step, two steps … to the window.

"It’s still guarding, I think, Badong is a little white face outside! I tell you, Qiao Nianyu, this sin must die!" Ye Mei gritted her teeth, and she came step by step like a evil ghost.

Qiao Nianyu retired, almost integrated with the glass: "Don’t come! Who dares to move my child, who I want to fight with!

Chapter 5 Topping Home Promotion

Gu Zeyin smiled coldly, and now he was so painful: "Okay, leave, leave if you leave, and I still don’t live?"

"Divorce, okay. From today, two houses and one car belong to Gu Ze, and take your wild body with your home! To the outside world, you are looking for a wild man.! "Ye Mei helped the cavity, and even Gu Li still stubbornly rubbing his palm.

Seeing this scene, Qiao Nianyu laughed. She pointed at Gu Ze and said, "Are you a robber? You will be 200 yuan when you graduate.Is there a car in the house? Bullying me has no mother’s house, no parents support the waist! "

I remembered that the corner of her eyes was inevitable. She was bullied by the hooligan at first, and when she woke up, she saw Gu Ze.At that time, he thought he was a gentleman, who knew that he was a wolf in sheepskin!

Gu Ze’s face was white, and his guilty conscience was fleeting.

Xu Yan, he swallowed his spit, saying ruthlessly: "Early dust in advance, tell you, this is endless!"

As Gu Ze left, Ye Mei’s tricks continued, and Qiao Nianyu was weak, squatting on the ground along the glass window, and tears couldn’t help but come out.

She went to sake, but in the end, she was forced to have a miscarriage.

The child is innocent……

She stunned the corner of her eyes and suddenly rolled her stomach.


She went straight to the bathroom, but lying on the toilet but spit out nothing. Ye Mei Yin and Yang weird sarcasm came from outside the door: "Whoever has not conceived the child, and she is good -looking!"

Qiao Nianyu vomited the darkness, and Ye Mei put the range hood all day without having to stir -fry the amaranth one after another. So, don’t talk about eating, just sniffing the smell of the oily smell is better to die.

"I roll out if I don’t want to smell, and I don’t have a wild species.

Hearing that Ye Mei mocked, Qiao Nianyu rushed to his cheeks, raised his head and looked at the person in the mirror, he was embarrassed, his eyes were sunken, and where you could see the beautiful appearance.

She closed the door and nestled in a dark -fire room, and the surroundings were drowned like dark tide, which made people breathless.


The door of the room suddenly opened, and in the lighting of the living room, the tall figure slowly walked towards her.

"Why are you coming in?" Qiao Nianyu pulled the strap’s pajamas to slide down the shoulder strap and turned on the bedside night light.

"Hey, chanting rain, you haven’t eaten much for two days. This is porridge. There is no meat." Gu Li smiled down the bowl on the bedside, and his eyes moved on Qiao Nianyu.

She wore silk pajamas, fair skin, and twin peaks.

Qiao Nianyu didn’t touch the bowl or talked to him. The Gu family was a hill. She is now nothing to say with them.

I still refused to divorce, but I just want to occupy her home property!

Gu Li stood beside the bed, staring at her for a moment, without any meaning.

"Please go out!"

Qiao Nianyu was not good at moving, and Gu Li sat down along the bed. "Reading the rain, you see you see it, anyway, it is a family."

family!Definitely he said!One of them entered the room with Xiaosan Church, the other was holding her house, and a ridicule all day.

Qiao Nianyu glanced at him coldly, Gu Li’s hand suddenly put on her shoulder. "Reading the rain, Xiao Ze has been with others, you said how lonely you are at home …"

Chapter 6 Raiders

"What do you do, take the focus!" Qiao Nianyu was so frightened that he moved to the side.No matter how much Gu Li said, he was the elders, and even greedy money, but he did not expect that he dared to hit her.

"What is pure, anyway, I have slept with other men anyway, there are not many more! You can rest assured, Xiaosawa, don’t want you, I want you!"Down.

For Qiao Nianyu, he has been thinking for a long time. The girl in the big city, the tender and tender and juicy, looks like a painting, is so pretty everywhere, it should make people hurt!Unlike them, they have more farm work, their palms are thick and dry, and their skin is dark. At first glance, they have appetite!

Now things are like this, Gu Ze ignores him. Since she can be pregnant with the wild species of the wild man outside, she must not be able to bear loneliness in her bones.

"Help! Let me go!" Qiao Nianyu shouted, Gu Liren Gao Ma Da couldn’t move her like Taishan.

"What do you call, who do you think you will save you? OK, forbearance, it will be comfortable when he will be!" He will not be worse than those small white faces!

The smell of smoke full of mouth fluttered on her face, Qiao Nianyu’s body stiffened, and fear spread in the bottom of her heart …

That’s right, no one can save her …

Ye Mei can’t wait for her to die!

"Every day wearing a pajama dangling in front of me, I have been hard for several nights. This body is much stronger than Lu Xiaoyi."

She didn’t move, Gu Li became more and more arrogant, and fell on her neck with a stench kiss.

No, can’t do that!

Qiao Nianyu fought, and slammed the ashtttar at the bedside.


With a scream, Gu Li rolled his head with his head, Qiao Nianyu was shocked and his feet jumped out of bed barefoot.

"What’s going on!" Ye Mei rice couldn’t care about eating. When she entered the door, she saw Gu Li’s blood covering the blood of his head overflowing his fingers.

"Brother, are you okay?" She was busy greeted, Gu Li grinned with pain, and she couldn’t speak.

Qiao Nianyu was at a loss, and "咣啷" dropped the ‘murder weapon’ in her hand.

"Okay! You are a funeral star, and I am angry with my son. Now I still want to kill Gu Li!" Ye Mei was furious, strode forward, and looked at a slap.

Qiao Nianyu’s cheeks were hot and painful, and his brain was instantly clear. "It was he raped me first, deserved! I didn’t kill him, counting his life!"

"Rise? Gu Li is a fiancee, how can you want you? What are the scores that you are all the broken shoes that others have slept! Besides, Gu Li didn’t do what you did, you have less meat?"

She was almost raped, and she actually asked her if she had a few pieces of meat?How can it be this reason!

These words are words, like a sharp knife tied in Qiao Nianyu’s heart.

She had suffering and confronted for a few days. She knew that even if her tongue blossomed lotus and the black and white Ye Mei, she played the piano!

"Okay, you are amazing, have the ability, and have been entangled with the police!" She couldn’t swallow it, and she had to call the police when she picked up her mobile phone.

Who knows, before she had time to dial the number, Ye Mei was robbed by Ye Mei.

"give me back!"

Qiao Nianyu went to capture, but Ye Mei used her mobile phone against her chest. He said with his fingers: "You fight! You hit me if you have the ability. You said Gu Li rapes you and rape you? What evidence? I still say yes yesYou want to kill Gu Li, look, now Gu Li is full of blood! "

Chapter 7 Meet him

"Besides, you have water -based poplars, and you are all with the wild species of others in your stomach. What is innocent? I also say that you deliberately seduce Gu Li and see what the police say!" Qiao Nianyu was poked and stepped back, but she actually retreated.Speechless.

Obviously they are their fault, but they can be so straightforward, and she is speechless!Because the child was not Gu Ze, she was wrong?

Qiao Nianyu smiled bitterly and lived for twenty -five years. She had never been so helpless. She walked on the street and crowded. She was like walking dead, and she had no soul step by step.

So that the red light flashed and didn’t pay attention.


Under the sullen sound, she was lying on the ground.

"What’s going on? Find a good location when you touch the porcelain. If you don’t stop the car, you will be crushed to know?" The low voice came, and Qiao Nianyu cried and swollen his eyes.People.

"It’s not good to learn how to learn lightly, learn to touch porcelain!" Although the man was not good at tone, he still held her up with a short period of time. The eyebrows were raised, and the tone was soft and a few degrees. "Is there any injury?"

"I’m sorry." Qiao Nianyu looked at this outlined face a little familiar, and then she retracted her eyes and held her feet: "It’s okay, you go, don’t care about me."

She broke away from his hand, but couldn’t bear the injured feet, and he fell to the ground.

Unlike touching porcelain, the man pulled her up again, and could not help but stuff it into the car. Her cheeks were injured, and her eyes were all blood.

"I’ll take you to the hospital."

Qiao Nianyu wanted to refuse, and he was scattered again.I bite my lip, leaning against the window, the landscape outside the window looked at flowers, and my head was upset.

Zero communication, the two strangers were sitting in the diagnosis room, and the atmosphere was externally suppressed.

"Why are you so accidental, you are still injured when you are pregnant. Fortunately, the fetus is okay." The doctor blamed that the single fell in Qiao Nianyu’s hands.

The picture is black and white. Her child can’t see it at all. Her fingertips pass by, and they can’t help grieving.

"Being pregnant?" The man glanced at her in surprise, and saw her large tears in her cheeks.

"How did you cry? Does it hurt?" The big man of one meter eight is helpless.The doctor’s eyes were weird, and he had to help her sit in the corridor bench.

Qiao Nianyu wiped his tears, his nose flowed across, took the paper towels he handed in, and smiled bitterly: "You may not believe it, if you hit me," just say it. "

Somehow, she wanted to find someone to read, even if she didn’t even know the other party’s name.At the beginning and end, she concealed the test tube. It was not afraid of being joke, mainly because she was afraid of involving Su Yun.

"Interesting." After listening to the cause of the cause and the consequences, the man evoked his thin lips. The deep facial features were as gentle as jade, and the smile was unknown.

Qiao Nianyu did not squeak, and she never told Su Yun. I’m afraid she was so stupid in the eyes of others.

"Okay, don’t cry." His slender hand was on her head, and the warm voice said, "The biggest thing to be benefited by the whole thing should be, you may get unexpected results from her. Remember, people, peopleLiving is not a trample. "

Qiao Nianyu’s tears were hazy, and the sobbing sound stopped abruptly. The man was expensive and his light smile was gentle.

"This is my business card, no matter what, contact me, I help you."

The shallow gray pattern of the white background was printed with his name, and Qiao Nianyu read silent: Ronghe Pharmaceutical CEO, Fu Junhao.

Chapter 8 Poison

Qiao Nianyu slammed into the car on his way home, deliberately encyclopedia, and the background of Ronghe Pharmaceutical was strong.

Thinking of Fu Junhao’s words, she changed her mind, opened the mobile phone positioning system, and clearly saw Gu Ze’s positioning in Jiayuan Community.

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