When preparing for pregnancy, laziness does not check my teeth, I find tooth decay after pregnancy, I don’t want to have this child.

People who come here often say that before pregnancy, when preparing for pregnancy, to cure dental diseases!The person who has experienced it knows that kind of pain. Toothache is not sick. It is really terrible when it hurts.

Even so, people who have not experienced toothache will always have a chance, or feel that toothache is nothing.

That’s right, because I thought so before I was pregnant, I found that there were three tooth decay after pregnancy. I had a painful speech, and there was no way to treat it. I really didn’t want to have this child with toothache!

I told female compatriots with an experience of a person who came over. The changes in physical hormones during pregnancy would have a lot of unexpected oral problems. It is not to have dental disease before checking the teeth before pregnancy, because many people’s teeth only appear on the surface.No problem, so please do a check before pregnancy.

The most common tooth problems before pregnancy are gingivitis, dental caries and wisdom tooth crown inflammation

If inflammation occurs in the gums, the probability of gingivitis during pregnancy is at least 50%, and the probability of inflammation of the gums that has not occurred is about 30%.

Caries are the tooth decay we usually say. Teeth are usually slowly starting from the inside, so when the holes are not large or there is no hole, we are not easy to find out. For example, I always thought that my teeth were good before pregnancy., I found three tooth decay during pregnancy!

When the wisdom teeth are not fully emerged, many people are not easy to find, because it is our third grinding teeth. At the age of 20, many people will grow. Smart teeth are inflamed. The main symptoms are local infections.It may also cause fever.If you find wisdom teeth before pregnancy, you need to pull it out if you need to pull it out to avoid inflammation during pregnancy. You can only bear it.

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Someone should not ask why it is necessary to check before pregnancy, because it is not possible to extract teeth during pregnancy. At most, when the pain is not good, the first three months can be used to get anesthetic, that is, once the tooth problem occurs during pregnancy, you can only tolerate it.Just, until you have a child!

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