When pregnant mothers encounter "hypothyroidism", we must actively treat

"Doctor, what should I do? Does taking this medicine affect the baby in the stomach? Can I not cure it first?" Ms. Wang anxiously asked, and she just welcomed the joy of pregnancy and she was in a dilemma.

It turned out that Ms. Wang, who was 6 weeks of pregnancy, had a thyroid function test for the birth check. It was found that there was hypothyroidism.But Ms. Wang was worried that taking medicine during pregnancy would affect the development of the fetus."Don’t I endure myself, don’t take medicine first, wait for the baby to give birth?" In fact, clinically, many pregnant mothers with hypothyroidism have the same concerns as Ms. Wang.I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during pregnancy. What should I do?

Zhao Ying, the Ministry of Pharmacy of the People’s Hospital of Shaanxi Province, said that the hypothyroidism has a hypothyroidism, which is a systemic low metabolic syndrome due to lack of thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion.General symptoms include fear of cold, low mood, fatigue, constipation, and so on.Armal hypothyroidism will increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, placental peeling, pregnancy hypertension, and low weight of birth during pregnancy.In addition, the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are the fastest period of the baby’s brain development. At this time, the baby needs a lot of hormones to promote brain development, and thyroid hormones are one of them.However, in the early pregnancy, the baby’s thyroid gland has not been fully developed, and the required thyroid hormone depends on the mother.If the pregnant mother has hypothyroidism at this time, it will not be able to provide sufficient thyroid hormone for the fetus, which will affect the fetal brain development and even cause the baby’s intelligence.Therefore, there is a hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and it must be treated in time!

At present, hypothyroidism is preferred to oral left oral gonadine sodium tablets. The synthetic left thyroxine contained in this medicine is the same as the natural secretion of thyroid. It will not have any damage to the body, and it will not affect the baby.

The dosage of left norexorine sodium tablets varies from person to person. It needs to be individually formulated according to the condition, weight, thyroid function and other conditions.Because food can affect the absorption of left norexorine sodium, it is recommended to take an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast.For pregnant mothers who spit in early pregnancy, you can choose to take it before going to bed every day.The dosage of left thyroid glandular sodium tablets needs to be dynamically adjusted according to the thyroid function, which is the so -called "nail skills". Therefore, monitoring of nail skills is important.It is recommended that at 1 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, monitor the thyroid function according to the degree of hypothyroidism every 2 to 4 weeks, and adjust the dose of the left thyroid gonadin sodium tablet according to the control target.The serum TSH can be monitored once every 4 to 6 weeks.

In short, for patients with hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism during pregnancy, we must actively control the condition and try to keep the thyroid function in a normal range, so that the pregnancy will be carried out normally.

Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter Ma Xiang

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