When it comes to pregnancy, it is sad. Is the second child be born strong in the pregnancy?7 methods effectively alleviate pregnancy vomiting

After letting go of the second child for several years, colleague Yuan Yuan has not wanted a second child.The four elderly people in her family are retired employees, with thousands of retirement pensions, and there is no economic pressure at all.Yuan Yuan also likes children very much, and it seems that she doesn’t want to have a birth.Once, when we talked about the topic of the second child, Yuan Yuan said the real reason.

When she gave birth to the first child, she was very severe as soon as she was pregnant, and her bile spit out.Sitor to his body weakly and be hospitalized directly.In this way, I couldn’t go to work, so I had to take a vacation at home.It didn’t feel comfortable until 7 months of pregnancy. It was not enough to 8 months, and it was uncomfortable.Think of the uncomfortable pregnancy, what to do if there is a second child!

Many friends may not understand. Is pregnancy vomiting so serious?The fact is that many friends have encountered such problems.Another colleague also spit it for 5 months and was skinny.I also encountered pregnancy during pregnancy, and I wanted to vomit from the roadside barbecue stalls.

According to the "Pregnancy Ceremony": 70%-80%of pregnant women have experienced pregnancy to varying degrees. Pregnancy is not limited to the morning, and some will last all day or only in the evening.

No one can answer in detail why pregnancy is pregnant. Like many difficult medical problems, it may be caused by many factors, and many reasons can only be speculated.

According to the "Pregnancy of Pregnancy" and "Zheng Yu Qiao Parenting Scripture-Fetal Volume", the occurrence of pregnancy vomiting is roughly the following reasons:

1. High -level HCG causes pregnancy vomiting

Because HCG rose early in the early pregnancy, it continued until 13 weeks of pregnancy ending, and the pregnancy vomiting generally stopped naturally at 16-20 weeks.It can be seen from here that the pregnancy vomiting gradually disappears as the HCG level decreases, so research believes that the rise of HCG levels causes a pregnancy reaction.

2. Hypoglycemia causes pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy often occurs in the morning in an empty stomach. Sometimes it occurs when fatigue and hunger, and it will happen before dinner. These time, the food that pregnant women eat have been digested.The reasoning of hypoglycemia is also logical.

3. Causes of progesterone

After pregnancy, the body not only secretes HCG, but also has hormones such as progesterone.Eternomin is released to the smooth muscles of the digestive tract to slow down the peristalsis of food.The food and digestion of the food and the digestive acid stay in the stomach for too long, and the stomach acid will return to the esophagus to make the pregnant mother feel sour and nauseous.

4. The role of the fetus

Pregnant mothers can lose their appetite when they are pregnant. They can only eat light food and not eat some irritating foods. This is exactly what the fetus needs.Pregnant mothers will be safer to diet, not stimulate the fetus, and protect the fetus steadily.Some studies believe that this is an instinct protection mechanism formed to prevent the delicate embryo from avoiding adverse environmental impacts.

5. Excess toxin

Pregnant mothers will have a certain vomit discharge when vomiting. These vomit may contain toxins that affect the growth and development of the fetus. They cannot discharge through the intestine. Instead, they are discharged through the esophagus. It is also a way to protect the fetus to a certain extent.

6. Pregnant mother’s rejection response

Entering the pregnant mother’s body will affect the endocrine system of pregnant mothers and cause endocrine disorders.When the embryo enters, it will also enter the human body as a foreign body. Pregnant mothers will have a natural rejection reaction, resulting in excretion in the form of vomiting to maintain the balance of the body.

7, smell problem

After pregnancy, the sense of smell becomes extremely sensitive. Whenever you smell the smell of oil, coffee, gasoline, and grilled flavor, you will feel disgusting and vomiting.I deeply appreciated this feeling in the early pregnancy. These odor stimuli is a great cause of pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the fetus assumed the heavy responsibility of tissue differentiation, which was very sensitive to the abnormal odor, and it was also an instinct protection of the fetus.

8. Psychological effect

When a woman we watched, when a woman was pregnant, the first reaction was to cover my mouth and ran to the bathroom, vomiting violently.Therefore, we will subconsciously think that when you are pregnant, you will vomit, and you will always associate this aspect.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are emotionally unstable, because excessive tension can also inhibit digestion and absorption, food in the stomach is not digested, causing acid and vomiting.

1. Generally speaking, it is normal

Pregnancy reactions generally have no effect on the health of the fetus.

"Zheng Yu Qiao Parenting Scriptures-Fetal Volume" said: When pregnancy is pregnant, just spit out the mucus and acid water, and will not spit out all the food. Pregnant mothers will absorb the corresponding nutrition as long as they eat, so nutritional nutrition, so nutritionThe imbalance is not serious.

In the early pregnancy, the basic metabolism of pregnant mothers did not increase.In the early pregnancy, the fetus only carried out tissue differentiation and organ differentiation. The growth and development speed was not fast, and it would not require a lot of energy.Pregnant mothers still eat as much meals as they are not pregnant, and they can also fully meet the needs of the fetus.

There are pregnant mothers who have a great response to pregnancy and worry about insufficient nutrition. Ask me what milk powder do I want to drink?I have also had this idea.

The reaction of the pregnancy vomiting is large. It is recommended not to drink milk powder. The milk powder has a stocking smell. Drinking milk powder will increase the pregnancy reaction.

I had a slight pregnancy in early pregnancy. At that time, I was always worried about malnutrition. Later, I heard that drinking pregnant women’s milk powder is very good. There are nutrients such as calcium and iron. Don’t worry about the lack of nutrition because of loss of appetite.

So I bought 400g of milk powder, but I wanted to vomit once after drinking. I always felt a little bit in my throat, and I couldn’t vomit.

At that time, I thought that the way I was tuning was not right. The water temperature was a bit low. Later, I was soaked with water about 40 degrees and measuring it with a spoon.Since then, the bag of milk powder has been tied up.

Not only that, the mothers who bought pregnant women like me at the time said that it was better not to drink.

2. Severe pregnancy vomiting

Of course, it is not ruled out that there is serious pregnancy in pregnant mothers. If it is particularly serious and cannot eat, it will affect nutritional intake, and go to the hospital for treatment.You can judge according to the following: no matter whether you eat or not eat, you will vomit.There are a lot of vomiting, and all the meals will be spit out.Vomiting species are yellow -green or red blood, that is, spit out gastric bile.Can’t eat normally and weak.

Like my colleagues, when I was spitting bile, we must be hospitalized.

1. Don’t empty the stomach in the morning

In the morning, the pregnancy is very serious because the food has been digested at night, and the blood sugar is relatively low when I get up in the morning.When brushing your teeth in the morning, you can eat a little biscuits or bread before brushing your teeth, and then brush your teeth will be better.

2. Do not make yourself hungry

Before eating late dinner, there will be a while of hunger, and you will feel sour. If you want to vomit, you also need to eat some food you like to increase blood sugar and relieve pregnancy.Usually go out with some snacks. Any time may be hungry, maintain stable blood sugar levels, and reduce pregnancy.

3. Light diet

Pay attention to light diet, you can’t eat food, you can eat water and cook vegetables, cold dishes, which can ensure nutrition and relieve pregnancy.Too greasy and spicy foods are not easy to digest, and they will aggravate stomach discomfort.

4. Stay away from oil fume

After pregnancy, the smell is particularly sensitive. Sometimes the pregnancy vomiting is because the smell of oil fume smells, so avoid cooking to cook, or wear a mask when cooking, reduce the chance of smelling these smells, and reduce pregnancy vomiting to a certain extent.

5. Eat some foods to spit

If you feel severe pregnancy, you can eat some ginger, ginger snacks, drink ginger tea, mint tea, etc., so that the tone is fresh, you can remove the metal taste in the mouth and make yourself no longer so disgusting.

In January 2018, the Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) pointed out in the "Guidelines for Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy": The use of ginger to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy has shown some beneficial effects in reducing nausea, and it is considered to be non -drug.Learn choice.

6. Keep your mood happy

The nervous mood affects the digestive function. It is believed that pregnancy vomiting is only temporary. There is no adverse effect on the fetus, relaxing, maintaining normal digestive function, and reducing the reaction of pregnancy.

7. Let yourself be busy

Some pregnant mothers ask leave at home because of pregnancy. When they are bored, they are easy to think about and cause physical discomfort.So find something easy to do, make yourself busy, enrich your life, and forget your physical discomfort.

In short, the pregnancy reaction does torture people, but it can also show that the fetus is safe and relaxed. According to your own situation, choose the method listed above to improve the temporary pregnancy vomiting!

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