When is the baby’s due date, can I still have a golden pig baby?

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

There was a previous colleague consulting me two days ago: What is the due date if I am pregnant now?Can you still catch up with the baby pig?I have never planned to have a child before. I have been out of the house recently. The blow is quite large. In addition, the family also persuaded and decided to have one. Can you catch it?

Want to know when the baby is born, that is, the baby’s due date, then the Beijing mother talks about how the due date is calculated.

Medical stipulation stipulates that the calculation period of calculation is based on the first day of the last menstrual period. The entire pregnancy is 10 months, and a total of 280 days (of course, each pregnancy month is 28 days, that is, 40 weeks).Then let’s talk about the calculation method commonly used by doctors.

According to the solar calendar days, the calculation formula is: the last menstrual month, 9 or minus 3, and the day plus 7.

For example, your last menstrual period is April 10, then the expected date of date is April plus 9, which is 13, and 12 months a year, that is, January of the next year, that is, January 2020; specifically specific; specificLife is +7, which is the 17th, so the expected due date is January 17, 2020.

Many people are calculated according to the luilding calendar. I want to see if the due date has passed the Spring Festival, so it can calculate the genealogy of the solar calendar directly to see the calendar. How many numbers were the lunar calendar that day; of course, there is also a "lunar calendar due date" calculation method:The day is changed to 15.

If the last menstrual period is the sixth day of March of the lunar calendar, the due date is the month +9 or December (that is, the lunar month). The day plus 15, that is 6+15 = 21, then the due date is 21 at the end of the year.

Therefore, if it is the last menstrual period and will be pregnant next month, it can still give birth to a pig baby.So women with similar problems, want to see if they can still have a pig baby, can calculate when these two methods are combined with the last menstrual period.

Of course, the last menstrual period is roughly calculated. After all, irregular menstruation is also influential. In the end, the due date is calculated according to the actual number of fetal per -ultrasound displayed by the B -ultrasound, which will be more accurate.

Scientific pregnancy is important for a smart and healthy baby.But what methods do you need to do?

1. Develop good eating habits, balanced nutritional intake

Based on the balanced diet as much as possible, do not eat foods that are too sweet and too sweet, do not eat spicy, cold foods, do not eat junk food, quit smoking and drinking, drink less coffee, etc. These aspects need to be paid attention to.

2. Stick to exercise every day and enhance your physique

Adhering to exercise and enhancing physical fitness is of great significance for fast pregnancy and bred high -quality babies.Sports can choose what you like, so it is easy to persist, such as conventional running, walking, playing badminton, doing yoga, gymnastics, swimming, etc., all.

3. The two have supplemented folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy

Folic acid has been supplemented from the first three months of pregnancy, and both husband and wife must add, which will help improve the level of folic acid in the body and prevent neural tube malformations in the fetus. 0.4-1mg per day is a safe range.

4. Try to ensure sufficient sleep and good mood

Successive sleep and good body are guaranteed in a good state. Only in all aspects of the state is good, can you be able to get pregnant quickly and give birth to a great baby.In addition, stay up late to stay up late, avoid excessive pressure, too anxious and tight.

Jingma said: Actually, if you have a baby, you are also fate, the fate comes, and naturally you are pregnant, so let it go naturally. Whether you can have a baby pig, the baby is healthy and smart, which is more important.Finally, I wish the pregnant couples who can get pregnant and have an ideal baby.

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