When I went to my son’s house for the elderly, my daughter -in -law ate prawns every meal. I thought she was filial. After understanding, I fled overnight.

Aunt Li is 65 years old. After the death of her wife, her son took her to take care of her. Her daughter -in -law asked her to keep her housework and prevent her from doing housework. Each meal gave her prawns. The aunt thought that her daughter -in -law was knowledgeable and filial.Wrong, after understanding the reason, he was frightened and fled back to his hometown overnight.

Since the death of my wife last year, my son felt that I was unreasonable and wanted to take me to the elderly around me.But I really had no face. When my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I was still young and didn’t want to be affected by my child. I didn’t go to bring her a child.My son and daughter -in -law didn’t say anything, but now my son is going to pick me up, and I don’t know how to get along with my daughter -in -law.

Later, my son and daughter -in -law drove to pick me up. The daughter -in -law was smiling at the whole process. This made my nervous heart relax, thinking that my daughter -in -law did not care about the original matter, and I was older now.I went back with my son halfway.

On the way to my son’s house, I thought a lot. I thought of something that a good friend was like a nanny at his son’s house.My loved ones.But after a while I figured it out again, I can only go to my son’s house now, and I have no way to retreat.

When I arrived at my son’s house, I was determined to be a nanny. As long as I was more diligent, my son would definitely talk to me when I saw it. I don’t believe that he doesn’t hurt me.In the past few days, I got up early to make breakfast early to get all the housework, so that my son and daughter -in -law could not pick out the problem.

Later, I found that it was not too tired. My son and daughter -in -law went out to work in the morning and returned at night. The grandson has grown up. I do n’t need to pick up the delivery. I just need to make breakfast and dinner.It’s okay to watch TV, walk out.

After a while, the work at home was basically taken by me. After the son -in -law came home, he played his mobile phone after eating. They were leisurely, but I regretted it.I came to my son’s house for the elderly. What I want is nothing more than a person who can speak, but now my son and daughter -in -law are free to play with mobile phones. No one cares about me. Find me to find me and find pants.

I found that I really became a nanny. Although I was a person before, I lived easily and happy. Every month, I had a pocket money given by my son.Now, like work, the only thing I can please me is that my son -in -law is very filial to me and does not hate me.

I have grown up in the countryside all my life, and my body naturally contaminated the bad habits of many rural people. For example, I like to eat leftovers. I can’t bear to throw those soups left after eating.Pick up paper shells, beverage bottles, and pile the balcony full.I still don’t like to take a bath. I washed it in the countryside once a week. When I arrived at my son’s house, they had to wash it every day. This made me unable to accept it. They didn’t remind me and I would not wash it.I didn’t say anything about these sons, but my daughter -in -law I wanted to say me several times, and my son was stopped by his son.

Although my daughter -in -law didn’t say anything, I could feel very unhappy in her heart, especially because of a trivial matter, the son quarreled with his daughter -in -law.

On the weekend, I saw that my son and daughter -in -law were still sleeping, so I planned to wash their off -dirty clothes.I think there are not many clothes, with my son’s shirts, pants, daughter -in -law’s pajamas.In pants, I think there are not many things anyway, don’t waste water, so I threw everything into the washing machine together.

As a result, when I was preparing to dry it, I was seen by her daughter -in -law. She ran over and took over her pants to blame me why I was so dirty, how could she wash my clothes and pants together.I was stunned suddenly, I have always been washed like this, is there any difference?

At this time, my son heard that I had a quarrel with my daughter -in.Was out and buy it for you. "

The daughter -in -law went back on the spot. I watched the two of them worse and worse, and hurriedly apologized to the daughter -in -law. This incident passed.On this day, my daughter -in -law did not come out in the bedroom. I asked my son to persuade, and my son would not go. I was embarrassed to go. In this way, we waited until the evening. The son said that we went to eat outside.

In the evening, this meal is the first time in my life to eat prawns. After eating a few shrimp, I gradually felt that my body was wrong, but I couldn’t say that feeling. In short, I especially wanted to tickle it.Red dots.But looking at the prawns that make people drool, I think this may be too spicy, so I didn’t care.

The more I eat, the more fragrant, one after another, then I thought, how good it would be if I could eat prawns every day.My daughter -in -law seemed to see that I liked to eat prawns, so I apologized and peeled my shrimp, and seemed very enthusiastic. It made me think that my daughter -in -law was forgive me.

When I got home, I found that Ichy it would itch from time to time, and told my son about it. The son did not know what was going on. At this time, the daughter -in -law hurriedly said that this may be that the environment is not adapted. Mom lived in the north for a lifetimeIt may not be able to adapt to the moist environment in the south temporarily.The son also felt that he was reasonable, so he wouldn’t care.

The next day, I did not itch, and my son was convinced that this was the environmental insufficiency.At noon, my daughter -in -law enthusiastically took the initiative to cook for me.And one by one, "Mom, eat shrimp", I watched the shrimp handed by my daughter -in -law, and I ate it without much thought.As a result, I started itching again after meals. At this time, my daughter -in -law brought me a bottle of antipruritic medicine, telling me to take a piece of itch.

In the next few days, every time my daughter -in -law came back from get off work, I would buy a bag of shrimp, make me well, let me eat half at night, and eat the rest of the day at noon the next day.I watched my daughter -in -law so filial, and I remembered my preference every day. I did not doubt my daughter -in -law at all, but instead do housework more seriously.

But gradually I found something wrong, and I immediately suspected that my daughter -in -law was hurting me.

One day, the gas was under arrears, and I didn’t know where to pay. At noon, I had a meal outside.I instinctively took out the medicine and prepared to eat it. I felt it and found that I didn’t itch on my body. I thought I was adapted to the environment in the south?

I went back and looked at the medicine given by my daughter -in -law in doubt, and found that the above writing was indeed treating allergies, but I was not allergic. I have never been allergic for decades, and I have never been allergic to it.It was also good when I first arrived. Why was suddenly allergic?

I carefully recalled what I have been in contact with, what I have eaten, and finally found that I was allergic after I ate prawns.Thinking of this here, I was erected in an instant. No wonder my daughter -in -law gave me shrimp every day. She knew that I was allergic to prawns.To confirm that I took out the prawns and ate it, and it really came from a few minutes.

I was frightened and sat on the bed. It turned out to be what a daughter -in -law did. He was so cruel, so deep.And she also gave me medicine, obviously to make me uncomfortable.I am so old that allergies can be desperate. Fortunately, my physique is okay, and the degree of allergies is not deep.

I didn’t dare to live again. This approach of my daughter -in -law obviously wanted to drive me away. For the happiness of my son, I had to eat this dumb.While my son and daughter -in -law had not returned, I hurriedly packed my luggage and bought the fire, car, and tickets that returned.

The moment I got in the car, I sent a message to my son, saying that my hometown had something to go back and lived for a while, so that he should not worry about me.After this month, I found that my mother’s home is always the son’s home, and the son’s home is always out of reach.

Since my daughter -in -law doesn’t like me, what are I still suffering from that gas? Is it uncomfortable in my dog’s nest. When I really can’t do it, I will find a nursing home to settle in my old age as soon as I sell it. This is also good.

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