When I was pregnant, my stomach always grunt. What is going on?Most people have changed these 4 changes in the belly during pregnancy

To say that the biggest change after pregnancy is, in addition to the increasingly plump breasts, there will be the increasing belly.

From the flat abdomen, it gradually turned into a "big meat ball" that covered his feet. After the little baby’s family in the belly, every move of this big belly affected Mummy’s heart.

The belly gurgled, and the belly jumped … Every time there was a small movement in the belly, the expectant mothers wanted to think: the baby was "what to say."

What are the unusual significance of these small movements that make you mutter?Let’s take a look together!

Many pregnant mothers will have a stomach gurgling in the early pregnancy. They obviously do not eat too cold or have diarrhea. Why do you always grunt?Is the baby talking?

Ding Ma Xie Qi:

In fact, this "gurgling sound" is bowel bloating.

After pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen hormone in the body increases, causing the tension of the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract, weakening peristalsis, and the extension of stomach empty time, which is more prone to gastrointestinal flatulence.

Everyone will find that not only has the sound of the stomach, but the fart during this period is particularly more.

At this time, pregnant mothers recommend eating less and more meals, and do not lie flat immediately after meals.Eat more foods rich in dietary fiber.If you are pregnant, the diet is mainly light.Adhere to the formation of the placenta for about three months, this phenomenon will generally be much better.

At the 12th to 14 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly sometimes feels like a "jump and a jump". Is the baby snoring in the belly?

Ding Ma Xie Qi:

In fact, this feeling of one jump is an irregular painless contraction in the uterus, also known as the BRAXTON-HICK ’s contraction.Because it is only occasionally produced, it feels like a jump.

This contraction is not painful, rare and asymmetric.So sometimes you don’t have to panic when you touch the pregnant mother, relax your emotions, pay more attention to rest, and wait for it to pass.

As the baby’s "house", the baby is moving inside, but the mother will feel the first one.Generally, about 18-20 weeks, expectant mummy can consciously move, and can feel or even see the bumpy change of the belly.

Ding Ma Xie Qi:

If mommy is thinner and thin, or the baby is strong, you can even see "drum bags" on the abdominal wall.

With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the baby is becoming more and more powerful, and the fetal movement is becoming more and more active.But at the end of pregnancy, because the "house" is getting narrow and narrow for the baby, the fetal movement will gradually decrease.

Many prospective mummy said that at first feeling the fetal movement, it was a wonderful experience, and the heart had to be turned.

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers often encounter this feeling: the stomach’s deep fall feels strong.

The word "falling" is often closely linked to some unhappy situations.For example: threatened abortion, premature birth …

At this time, the pregnant mother was worried about, is it that the baby can’t wait to come out?

Ding Ma Xie Qi:

In fact, the feeling of falling during pregnancy is very common. In addition to entering the basin in the early pregnancy, it actually has a lot of physiological "falling".

During the pregnancy, the mother’s uterus gradually increased, and she had a pull on the surrounding ligament, while squeezing the surrounding organs.At this time, some prospective moms will feel a little faint and painful, accompanied by some fall.

Sometimes, if you eat your stomach, gastrointestinal diarrhea can also cause a similar feeling.

It is necessary to distinguish the pathological falling sensation to see if there is any continuous falling pain, and accompanied by abnormal abdominal pain, seeing red, vaginal fluid and other abnormalities.If there is an abnormality, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible!

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