When I was pregnant, my cousin squeezed me hard and said proudly: I deliberately hit her stomach to see if it would have a miscarriage

Each baby is an angel, and they are born in the world like a clear crystal, pure, no time, and simple.

"Confucius": "At the beginning of people, sex is good."

What a person becomes like an adult, to a large extent depends on the education of parents and teachers in his childhood, and the most important role is undoubtedly the child’s first teacher -parents.

Seeing such a thing in Zhihu, after this: "My aunt was having a second child with a danger of 44 years ago a few years ago. When she was holding her belly to the family’s house in the third trimester, she wasMy 7 -year -old cousin deliberately knocked her belly with her hands.

Now, I am also pregnant, and my cousin even proudly told me that at that time, the belly of the aunt was intentional, so I wanted to see if it was really abortion as the TV series.

At that time, I was speechless and felt that the child was too terrible, and kept paying attention to her distance.

But when I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, she came over and sat next to me, squeezing me hard from time to time.I think this girl is really terrible!"

While netizens have left messages to express their anger and incredible, some people tell the story around them.

It turns out that this kind of bear child incident is not a small probability event. It is not excessive and often occurs in life.

If this kind of thing is not corrected in time, the child may not have to do more serious things when they grow up.At that time, it was not only endangered the lives of others, but also destroyed itself.Therefore, parents must not be paid attention to.

When parents educate their children, they can do this to help their children grow up.

1. Communicate more

Whether it is an adult’s world or a child’s world, the most important thing between people is communication.Only effective and deep communication can understand each other’s inner and thoughts.

Some parents lack patience, and they start to lose their temper without waiting for the reason, which has caused their children to become more and more anxious.

When communicating with their children, parents should respect their children, do not move out of the parent authority, and communicate in an equal and respectful way.

2, lead by example

When children were young, their parents were their heavens.Parents’ words and deeds were seen by their children in their eyes and remembered in their hearts.If the parents are irritable, lack of patience, and disrespect to others, the children will mostly imitate.

Even if parents talk about more, if they say one set in front of their children, don’t blame the child is not good enough.You haven’t done well yourself, how can you ask your children.

3. Learn to respect

No matter how young children are, they are also an individual who exists independently in this world. They have their own independent thoughts and personality and are worthy of respect.

As the child grows up, this independent thought and personality will become more and more obvious. Only by fully respected can they open up their parents.Once the parents do not establish a benign communication with their children, it is easy to lose the key to opening the child’s heart, especially when adolescence will be very dangerous.

Each child is a beautiful picture, waiting for their parents to help them sprinkle their ink.

When the child temporarily deviates from the track, parents should not evade the problem by doting, but to discover and solve the problem as soon as possible.Only in this way can we cultivate a good child and a person who is useful to society.

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