When I am pregnant, can I really can’t eat crabs?Look at the expert’s advice

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This is a season for crab eating.Right now, it is when the crab cream is delicious.However, there is a folk saying that "the statement of pregnant women will have a miscarriage, so they dare not touch crabs after pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers want to know whether pregnant women can eat crabs?

Eating crabs will slide tires, causing abortion, is it true?

Let’s see what experts say?

Dr. Lilac Dangdang said-

There is a saying that crabs will make miscarriage, but it is actually unspecified.

There are two main parts that can be eaten in crabs, crab meat and crab yellow (crab cream). The main nutritional components are protein, fat, minerals, etc.These are the essential nutrients of the human body. Proper consumption is not harmful to the human body, and it is impossible to have an abortion effect.

In fact, if you think about it, if you eat crabs, you can have a miscarriage. Then, do you need an artificial abortion once you get pregnant?Don’t be too simple to solve. A few hairy crabs are full of mouthful and abortion. It is simply an artifact!

In fact, in the eyes of nutritional experts, you should pay attention to whether nutritional and incomplete, instead of worrying about which foods are "taboos" and "sliding tires" every day.

As long as the ingredients are hygienic, your husband can eat, you can eat, there are not so many "taboos".Only a reasonable diversified diet can provide balanced nutrition, so that pregnant women and babies in their stomachs really benefit.

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Pregnant women can eat crabs appropriately, but it is best not to eat in the early stages of pregnancy.

Cao Yinli, Director of the First Department of Products and Children’s Hospital of Northwest Women and Children ——

"At present, there is no exact research that eating crabs is directly related to abortion." Cao Yinli said that crabs are rich in vitamin A, protein and a small amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., so pregnant women can eat some properly.However, the crab is cold and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It will make the fetus restless. Eat a lot of cold food during pregnancy, which can easily lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea. Crab is prone to residual parasites.edible.

Especially in the early pregnancy (within 12 weeks ago), because the fetus is unstable, to avoid crab eating; pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach and pregnant women with pregnancy and hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes should also ban crabs because crabs are cold andHigh cholesterol content.

When cooking crabs, be sure to steam.And be careful not to eat dead crabs, do not eat crab stomach, crab intestines, crab hearts, and crab gills, because these parts contain a large amount of sediment and bacteria, it is easy to cause food poisoning;Can give birth to the fetus.When eating crabs, dip the ginger vinegar to remove cold sterilization.If pregnant women have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting in crabs, they should go to the hospital immediately.

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Jiang Feng, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Tangdu Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University-

"There are no bad foods, only the wrong way of eating." Jiang Feng said that Chinese medicine believes that crabs have the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, which can make fetal qi restlessness, which is likely to cause miscarriage.But this is only for individual pregnant women who are cold, and do not include everyone.Crab contains rich nutrients such as high -quality protein and minerals, which is good for pregnant women’s body, but be careful not to eat too much.

At the same time, you should avoid eating crabs within the first four months of pregnancy.Because of the pregnancy reaction due to progesterone in the early pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant women decreased. In addition to entering the autumn, improper diet easily caused diarrhea, which was in danger of leading to warning.Pregnant women who are susceptible to allergies also remember not to eat crabs.

Reminder: During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to balanced nutrition, and the types of foods they eat should be diverse, especially the six major foods of the six categories of grain, milk, fish and bean eggs, vegetables, fruits, and fats.Adhere to the "small amount of meals" to eat, and you should also choose foods with high nutritional and low calories such as fruits, oatmeal, low -fat milk, etc. to avoid eating high -calorie, high oil, and high sugar foods, such as cakes, potatoesPieces, seasoning drinks, etc.

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