When encountering the hidden "inflammation" during pregnancy, it is important to learn these 5 response measures.

Big Orange: Vaginitis before pregnancy is repeated again and again, and he still can’t escape the torture of inflammation after pregnancy.After a room, I recurred. When I was pregnant, I didn’t dare to use the medicine. I could only rely on the Woman Yanjie to "wash it healthily".

Xiaoyuer: I have inflammation before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I have a seizure of inflammation. The doctor has stuffed her lower body twice. I am always worried that it will have an impact on the baby.

Happy Guo’er: I can easily have inflammation as soon as I get angry. I feel uncomfortable. I worry that inflammation will affect the baby’s health. How can this be good?

After pregnancy, women’s body immunity decreases, hormones change, and they are easily plagued by vaginitis.The medication during pregnancy is also worried that it will cause harm to the health of the fetus. It can also affect the development of the fetus for inflammation, which is really tangled.

In fact, as long as the following measures are taken during pregnancy, you can easily cope with the hidden "inflammation".

How to deal with vaginitis during pregnancy?

1. Observe more

Itching of vulva, abnormal leucorrhea, and increased secretions appear. You do n’t have to take a hurry to seek medical treatment. Use warm water to clean the vulva daily, change the underwear frequently, drink more warm water, and eat a light diet, which can relieve the symptoms.If the symptoms are worse, you should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Reasonable medication

The correct medication during pregnancy does not cause harm to the fetal treasure, although the pregnant mother can rest assured.In addition, most drugs that treat vaginitis are topical drugs. Pregnant mothers can choose drugs based on specific conditions under the guidance of doctors.

3. Keep emotional stability

During pregnancy, because of hormone reasons, or pregnant mothers are worried that the fetus is not good, there is often anxiety.Especially when discovering vaginitis, it is easier to be anxious and nervous.Emotions are not good for controlling vaginitis, but they will increase, so once they find that the disease is found to adjust the emotion.

How to prevent vaginitis during pregnancy?

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can prevent fires and colds, promote metabolism, and improve immunity.Urine can also discharge bacteria by the way, which is conducive to the health of private parts.

2. The diet is light

Spicy food is not conducive to physical health, and it can also cause inflammation and aggravation.Therefore, it is necessary to keep the diet light and eat foods with higher vitamins, protein, and minerals to improve resistance.

3. Do a good job of cleaning

The increase in private procedures during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers should do a good job of cleaning.Clean private parts with warm water before going to bed daily, and change their underwear.Try to choose cotton white underwear, which is safer and more comfortable to wear, and it is convenient for pregnant mothers to observe the secretion status.

If you have sex during pregnancy, the prospective dad will also cooperate with the pregnant mother to do a good job of daily cleaning work, clean private parts, and change their underwear.Before and after the intercourse, the clean private parts and the use of condoms can effectively resist bacterial invasion and prevent pregnant mothers from infected gynecological diseases.

Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can live healthy and peace of mind!

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