When do pregnant women eat folic acid and how to eat folic acid correctly

1. When will pregnant women eat folic acid?

The best time for folic acid supplement should be from 3 months before pregnancy to the entire early pregnancy. The time to take folic acid every day should be within half an hour to one hour after breakfast.The supplement of folic acid continues until the end of pregnancy and do not stop.In the middle and late pregnancy, the increase in the synthesis of the baby’s DNA, the increase in placenta, mother tissue, and red blood cells have greatly increased your needs for folic acid.Therefore, even if the baby’s nervous system has been developed in the early pregnancy, the lack of folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy will still cause giant red blood cell anemia, signsonia, and premature placenta.

Super examination, see if the baby has neurooth tube deformities. If not, it means that the pregnant mother did not have much effect before eating folic acid.In fact, pregnant women can also supplement the elements contained in an appropriate amount of folic acid in the usual diet.

2. What are the benefits of eating folic acid in pregnancy

The essence of folic acid is actually water -soluble vitamins. Folic acid plays a pivotal role in the process of human cell proliferation and growth.If the expectant mothers fail to take enough folic acid in time, the first crisis that may face is anemia.The task of breeding new life is a challenge for women’s hematopoietic function.Lack of folic acid, the body cannot make red blood cells normally, and naturally symptoms of anemia may occur.In addition, folic acid also has a certain effect in preventing the prima’s neural tube defects. Persist in taking every day on time can reduce the possibility of this deformity by 50 % to 70 %.For other birth defects such as major body surface malformations and rabbit lips, insisting on taking it can also have a certain prevention effect.

3. How to eat folic acid is effective

In the first three months after pregnancy, taking one tablet with 400 microne -containing folic acid tablets a day, the purpose is to maintain a certain level of folic acid in women’s body to ensure that the embryo has a better folic acid nutritional state in the early stage.

In addition, even after 3 months of pregnancy, the baby’s neural tube has been closed, and the process of supplementing folic acid must continue.Because if expectant mothers lack folic acid during pregnancy, the incidence of premature eclampsia and placenta is likely to increase, and spontaneous abortion may be caused by dysplasia of the placenta.Therefore, the supplement of folic acid should be continuous, it is best to start from marriage to the entire pregnancy and lactation.

What are the ways to supplement folic acid

There are two ways to supplement folic acid:

1. Food supplement

For pregnant women, health is the most important.To supplement nutrition, food supplement is an aspect that needs to be seriously grasped.Folic acid itself is a kind of natural substance, and many foods contain this nutrients.Generally speaking, the content of folic acid in green leafy vegetables is the most abundant. Of course, seasonal fresh fruits are also a good choice. In addition, in some animals, we can also find the trace of folic acid.

Recommended ingredients: spinach, greens, rapeseed, strawberries, cherries, lemon, pork liver, pine nuts, soybeans, etc.

2. Medicine supplement

As a key nutritional element during pregnancy, folic acid has also been made into various drugs, which is more convenient to take, and the absorption efficiency is higher.Common folic acid drugs include folic acid tablets and folic acid preparations. There are very many brands available on the market.However, expectant mothers are best to seek the opinions of doctors first when buying kimono folic acid drugs.One can ensure the safety and health of the drugs bought, and the other can clarify the dose that you must supplement daily, to avoid the negative effects brought by excessive taking, and ensure the safety of pregnancy.

How to buy folic acid

Experts’ opinions said that when buying folic acid products, consumers must carefully understand the manufacturers of folic acid, the content of folic acid, the people suitable for taking, the adverse reactions instructions, and the factors that may affect the absorption and use of folic acid, and then according to the factors that affect the absorption and use of folic acid, etc.Choose the right product of your own physique and needs.It should be noted that the choice of folic acid is best a brand with reputation and trustworthy.

In addition, there are two options for pregnant mothers to buy folic acid: one is to buy Selian folic acid tablets, which is the only small -dose folic acid supplement approved by the country in my country. It is 0.4 mg of folic acid. The second is to buy folic acid with folic acid containing folic acid Multi -dimensional tablets for pregnant women are generally more than 0.4 mg in the special multi -dimensional tablets for pregnant women. If you are already taking multi -dimensional tablets, you generally do not need to add extra folic acid (the early pregnancy doctors recommend to ordinary pregnant women for taking. .

Finally, because each expectant mother’s personal constitution and physical condition will be different. If you cannot accurately judge your situation, you must consult your doctor’s opinion. Be careful not to buy them blindly, so as not to cause badness to yourself and the fetus.Influence.

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