When did you have breast milk since it started?

Women hope that there is sufficient milk after giving birth. In order to make the baby grow up healthy, breast milk is the best diet choice, but the physical condition of each woman is different. Therefore, the milk secretion of the breastFor breastfeeding, many women will have breast tenderness.

Generally, there are milk starting to start in the third trimester, but this is also different from person to person. Some women only have it after giving birth, and some are during pregnancy. The amount of milk secretion during pregnancy is relatively small.Only a little liquid will flow. There is no necessity for a few months of pregnancy for a few months, which is related to the hormone in women.

During pregnancy, milk secretion is relatively small. By the time of pregnancy, some women will secrete more and need to use anti -overflow pads to cause embarrassment.No matter when women have milk, as long as they can meet the baby’s milk after delivery.

During pregnancy, the prolactin in the body will increase. As long as the more prolactin is secreted, the milk will be sufficient. The female should be prescribed as soon as possible after giving birth to allow the baby to suck more, so as to have more milk.Usually eat more nutritious soups, including trotters soup, pork rib soup, and porridge foods, which can also be eaten, which is conducive to promoting milk secretion and improved the quality of milk.

Principles of breast milk secretion: When will there be breast milk from when it starts?

Many mothers think that after a few days after giving birth, the milk began, so the secretion of breast milk also started from this time.Actually, not!Let’s talk about the principle of breast milk secretion. See when there is breast milk.

Step 1: When a woman is pregnant, the placenta starts to secrete estrogen to stimulate the development of breast ducts and secrete progestin to stimulate breast blisters. This is prepared for postpartum lactation.

Step 2: During pregnancy, breasts will increase with increased pregnancy. In the process of increasing, some subtle changes will occur, including increased areola, deepening colors around the areola, sensitive nipples, and even streaming during pregnancy.Milk, etc., are also prepared for future lactation.

Step 3: When the baby is born, as the placenta is delivered, the estrogen drops rapidly, and the "suppression" of estrogen’s "suppression" of prolactin has gradually weakened.white.

The role of prolactin is to stimulate breast follicles to fill the breasts early, so that milk is continuously transported;

The role of oxytocin is to stimulate the smooth muscle contraction of the surface layer of the mammary glands, and it is also a reinforcement of contractions to reduce the amount of bleeding from the new mothers after giving birth, so that the new mother’s body can be better recovered.

At this moment, milk began to secrete, and "breasts" entered a state of work.

Some of them started colostrum three months after pregnancy; most of them were milk after childbirth.

Breast milk is the rations of babies, and now they are advocating breastfeeding. In fact, the secretion of breast milk depends on personal constitution.Generally, after giving birth to a baby, he will allow him to suck the breast, which can stimulate the pituitary secretion of prolactin, which will cause milk.Generally speaking, some pregnant women will have colostrum secretion in the last three months of pregnancy, but most women produce milk after childbirth, mainly because the placenta has been excreted at this time, the prolactin secretion increases, and the baby sucking the milk nipples will beBring stimulation to women and promote milk secretion.Generally speaking, after giving birth, there will be milk within 24 hours, and the slowest is only 48 hours later. If there is no milk within 48 hours after production, it is recommended that the maternal performed as soon as possible as soon as possibleexamine.

Therefore, summarize this "processes of lactation", that is, the secretion of breast milk is that the baby has the needs, and then stimulates the production and transportation of milk through the sucking action. When the baby is full, the nipple will be released to stop sucking.Breasts no longer bleed lactation.

If your baby does not eat breast milk, it will gradually decrease, and it will slowly without milk.After 3 days of breast milk, the mother’s milk will decrease after 3 days. At this time, the mother can massage the milk in the breast through breast massage, or it can be sucked out with a breast pump. After 7 days, some mothers have no milk.However, because each mother’s own situation is different, it is no specific time when the baby does not eat breast milk. For example, some mothers still have milk in the breast after half a year, and some mothers may have one in one mother.After the year, a small amount of milk can be squeezed out of the breast.Some mothers may not have milk after a week without breast milk.

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