When did you find that you are pregnant?These careless pregnant mothers are really speechless as a doctor

When we are used to watching TV, we always feel that in this case, we are pregnant: I vomit suddenly when I eat; I suddenly want to eat sour; my aunt will not come … or some of the gorgeous pregnant mothers fall down the stairs to bleed the stairs to bleed the stairs to bleed blood.I only knew that I was pregnant, and I was regretful at this time.

There are really careless pregnant mothers in real life:

@小: Speaking of this topic I really want to draw myself.Because when I was pregnant with Dabao, I discovered it for 5 months in pregnancy. Even the doctor said that I was too careless. In factpregnant.However, the Erbao had not yet felt a strong sense of the next menstruation.

@: I doubted pregnancy without menstruation, but I didn’t rest assured because I had been busy. I went to check for three months before going to check.EssenceEssence

@小: I don’t know my menstruation for a month. I always want to sleep when I go to work.Sleeping in the toilet that day, a elder sister said that you were pregnant. I said I didn’t know. I hurried to the hospital for examination after get off work. I was pregnant for almost two months!Intersection

Although the signs of everyone’s pregnancy are not the same, we should know these performances. If you are suspicious, check it out!

1. Mentalomy

Although there will be situations like Xiaochen Mom, after all, most mothers will still stop menopause. If menstruation is delayed for a week, she will check whether she is pregnant.Even if there are menstruation during pregnancy, the amount must be less than usual, and the time will be shorter. Moms prepared for pregnancy must pay attention.

2. Basic body temperature rise

Basic body temperature refers to the temperature of more than 6 hours of sleep, waking up and not eating, and the body temperature measured in a quiet state. If the pregnant mother insists on the measurement and finds that it continues to be high temperature for 15-20, it is likely to get pregnant.If you do n’t measure, you must check your body, weak, and drowsiness.

3. Reaction such as nausea and vomiting

Once most people are pregnant, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, drowsiness, and sourness will occur in about 6 weeks of menopause. This is called early pregnancy reaction.

4. Breast change

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the sudden increase in hormone secretion in the body, melanocytes can be stimulated, the areola becomes wide, the nipples will become larger, the color will be deepened, and some breast pain will occur.

5. frequent urine

In the early stages of pregnancy, the sudden increase in the uterus will compress the bladder, and many pregnant mothers will have frequent urination, and some even once an hour.

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