When cooking a detail, 80%of vitamin C may be lost …

Vitamin C is one of the important antioxidant nutrients necessary for the human body. It can not only promote the absorption of calcium, iron, and folic acid, accelerate collagen synthesis, and play an important role in improving the human body’s immunity and anti -infective ability.

However, vitamin C is the most "delicate" vitamin when cooking vegetables. If it uses an inappropriate cooking method, it is likely to cause it to lose a lot!

1 The benefits of vitamin C can bring


Help to treat scurvy

When the human body lacks vitamin C, the micro -blood vessels in the body will become very fragile.Once the blood vessels are ruptured, the blood will flow to the neighboring tissue, which may cause scurvy, leading to symptoms such as gum bleeding, subcutaneous ecchymosis, cavity ulcers, and difficulty healing wounds.

And sufficient vitamin C can strengthen collagen between blood vessels, firmly protect the micro -vessels, increase the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels, and help treat scurvy.Therefore, vitamin C is also called "ascorbic acid".

02 Help improve iron deficiency anemia

The three -valent iron in plant -based foods cannot be directly absorbed by the human body, and vitamin C can convert it into a binary iron that can be directly absorbed, which is conducive to the generation of hemoglobin in the human body.Very important.Especially for women with long -term vegetarian food, they must pay more attention to the supplement of Vitamin C.

03 Help improve osteoporosis

On the one hand, vitamin C can prevent calcium from forming insoluble calcium compounds or precipitation, which is more conducive to the absorption of calcium; on the other hand, the lack of bone collagen will increase osteoporosis, and vitamin C can promote the synthesis of osteoma.

Therefore, osteoporosis elderly people should pay particular attention to the supplement of vitamin C.In addition, nutrients such as protein, vitamin D, and vitamin K are also helpful for preventing and improving osteoporosis, so they still need to balance their diet.

04 Help enhance human immune function

The normal operation of the three -way defense of the immune system is inseparable from the support of vitamin C: First of all, vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen, maintain the integrity of the first line of defense (skin and mucosa), and prevent external pathogenic microorganisms from entering the human body.

Secondly, vitamin C can also promote the proliferation of T cells and NK cells, devour the pathogens in the blood, and enhance the defense effect of the second line of defense; in addition, vitamin C can also promote the formation of antibodies and protect the third line of defense.Therefore, it is known as the "Minister of Immune Defense".

2 3 behaviors, let the vitamin C lose a lot

01 Repeated rinse and cut vegetables too broken

Starting from cutting and washing vegetables, vitamin C in vegetables has been lost.

Cut the vegetables, the cells are crushed, and vitamin C will contact air oxidation.The longer the time, the more you lose; and the vitamin C is a water -soluble vitamin, which will be lost with the water when it is exposed to water.Therefore, it is not advisable to rinse repeatedly after cutting vegetables, and it should not be soaked for a long time, which may cause more than 20%of vitamin C loss.

[Suggestion] When cooking vegetables, wash and cut it. Try to drain the water and then cut it. After cutting, cook immediately, and keep the vegetables complete as much as possible.

02 Vegetable juice

Many people are used to replenishing Vitamin C with vegetable juice, but they do not know that this will lose a lot of vitamin C!

During the juice, the cell wall of the vegetables is chopped, and the vitamin C and oxidase inside are together, and the effect of oxygen can be easily oxidized.And the longer it is placed, the more vitamin C lost, even more than 80%.

03 high salt

Too much salt will make vitamin C immerse in, fully contact with oxidase, and easier to oxidize.And the more salt, the greater the loss of the vitamin C in the vegetables.

[Suggestion] Add less salt for cooking, and add salt when you are out of the pan; onion, ginger, and garlic have strong antioxidant properties. You can add some properly when cooking to help delay and reduce the loss of vitamin C.


What kind of cooking,

Can you keep more vitamin C?

There are many ways to cook in Chinese people. Steaming, cooking, stewing, frying, frying, frying, fried, fried, stir -fry, and simmered … but which kind of cooking method can retain more vitamin C?


First place: steamed

In comparison, steaming is one of the best ways to cook.Studies have found that steaming broccoli, spinach and lettuce lost only 9-15%of vitamin C.

And through steaming, the mustard oil, carotene, folic acid value, sulflate, and total antioxidant capacity in vegetables have improved.


Second place: Quick fry

Fry, because the heating time is short, the juice is small, and the activity of oxidase can be quickly destroyed, the preservation rate of vitamin C in vegetables is high, which can generally reach more than 70%.

[Suggestion] Pay attention to less oil and salt when frying, control the temperature of oil; on the premise of ensuring familiarity, try to shorten the time of stir -fry.


Third place: simmered water, white boil

The water refers to the boiling water, put the vegetables in and blanch it for a while.Due to the short heating time, the loss of Vitamin C is not large, mainly due to the loss of water dissolving; after the vegetables are quickly simmered, the juice is not squeezed off, and the preservation rate of the vitamin C can be more than 50%.

In addition, he can also remove most of the oxalic acid, nitrite, pesticide residues in the vegetables, and kill pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, etc., which is safer to eat.

Bai Zuo is equivalent to the upgraded version of the simmered water.And white -boiled vegetables are generally cooked and non -chopped, which is easier to preserve nutrition.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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