When confinement after giving birth, the choice of ingredients should be "good" to promote the recovery of milk after giving birth.

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I remember when my father and mother quarreled, I mentioned that she did not eat enough eggs when she was confinement after giving birth.

Indeed, in the era of mother, the best nutrition after giving birth is to eat some eggs, and you may be able to eat some chicken.

During the period of confinement, it was mainly to drink some soups and some eggs.

At that time, they gave birth to a child at home. Later, they went to the hospital, and the doctors of the hospital began to confine science science.

Scientific confinement is not recommended to eat meat every day after birth, but it is more diverse in the choice of ingredients.

How can I choose ingredients to make the maternal fragrant, so that the milk can be richer, so that the mother can recover better after giving birth?

It is mentioned in the best -selling book "Star Monthly Teaching You to Eat Patient Meal". When the confinement ingredients are selected, we must be "good".

★ White: Yam, eggs, chicken, catfish, lotus seeds


Yam provides a large amount of sticky protein, which contains digestive enzymes, promotes the digestion of protein and starch, reduces excess fat, and is naturally a food that promotes mothers after giving birth.


Eggs are very rich in protein and are easy to digest. They can be steamed or boiled eggs.


Chicken contains more oleic acid and linolenic acid, reducing low -density protein cholesterol with health and adverse human health, and phospholipids.Eat chicken frequently, for malnutrition, cold stomach, cold, anemia, blood deficiency, it has a good food therapy effect.

But pay attention to eating meat when eating chicken, don’t just drink soup.


Catfish is a supplement for maternal lactation. It is better to steam or cook soup, because the zinc content in the catfish is relatively high, and it can also enhance the mother’s appetite.

Lotus seed

Lotus seeds can make up the five internal organs.

The alkaloids contained in lotus seeds also have a strong heart, and lotus seeds can also enhance the immunity of postpartum mothers.

★ Red: brown sugar, wolfberry, peanuts

brown sugar

Drinking brown sugar water after childbirth can promote blood circulation and promote stasis and promote the discharge of lochia. Therefore, it is generally recommended that mothers can drink some brown sugar water in the first week of postpartum, or they can also use brown sugar to cook millet porridge.


There is a saying that "people have to be middle -aged, and the thermos cup is equipped with wolfberry." That is because wolfberry is a very common nourishing product for medicines and foods.

It contains a large amount of iron, phosphorus, calcium, as well as fat, sugar, protein and amino acids, which can play a good role in nourishing qi and nourishing liver and kidney.

The mother’s body is relatively weak after giving birth, and eating some wolfberry is very helpful to enhance her physique.


In particular, the peanuts in red can condition qi and blood, and have milk. When eating peanuts, eat peanut clothes together. It can supplement lecithin and choline to prevent mothers from becoming stupid after giving birth.

★ Yellow: Xiaomi


After the northern birth, you will eat millet when you confinement. Xiaomi is also called Liangmi. It has spleen and nourishing the spleen, nourishing kidney qi, clearing heat, nourishing urination, and cure for thirst.Essence

Therefore, we recommend that postpartum mothers drinking millet porridge when it is not very good, which can promote our energy recovery, and it will not cause too much burden on our digestion.

★ Red and black: Pork liver, Ejiao

Pork liver

It is recommended that mothers can eat some pork liver after giving birth to play a good iron supplementation role.

Among all our foods, the iron content in the pork liver is very rich, and the absorption rate of iron is also very high, so it is better to choose the pig liver if you give your mother iron after giving birth.

Coupled with the vitamin A contained in pork liver, it can also prevent the baby’s vitamin A deficiency.


Moms can also eat some Ejiao appropriately after childbirth, nourishing postpartum blood deficiency. For those who are upset and insomnia, dizzy and palpitations are better blood supplements.

★ Green: Tongcao


Many mothers do not say that there is no milk after giving birth, but that the milk is not smooth enough. At this time, it is recommended to eat some grass.

Tongcao can play a role in moving water and dampness. It can not only breastfeed, but also promote the recovery of mother’s postpartum, preventing the mother’s unfavorable urination.

Therefore, the choice of ingredients of mothers after delivery is still very critical. How to choose good ingredients?How to eat milk secretion 42 days after giving birth?Make your baby more nutritious, and the mother can better raise her body.

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