What!You might not be suitable for sleeping like this?Come and "claim" the most suitable for your sleeping position

The quality of sleep affects people’s physical health and mental state.

Many people have experienced this: every day on time, get up early and get up early, but when they wake up, they still feel sore and exhausted.In fact, this is caused by low sleep quality.There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep, and the sleeping position is one that cannot be ignored.

Which sleeping position is the best?

Common sleeping positions are divided into four types: supine, prone, left, and right lying on the right side.

Separation is a sleeping position that many people like.The biggest advantage of this sleeping position is that the weight of each part of the body is allocated, and the head, limbs, and spine can be neutral.

However, many people will unconsciously put their hands on their chests when they are lying on their back, which will easily lead to chest tightness, suffering, and nightmare.In addition, when the tongue is falling back, it is easy to make people breathe smoothly and make a snoring sound.Therefore, this sleeping position is not healthy.

Single lying is a sleeping position that we often say lying on your stomach.Because when people sleep on their stomachs, joints, muscles, and internal organs will be oppressed. Not only will they not relax their bodies, they will also cause breathing difficulties.Many people will feel sore after falling asleep lying on their stomach, which is the reason.

When the left side is lying on the left, the human body is facing the left, and the tip of the heart is easily oppressed.In addition, the ears may hear the sound of "banging" beating on the pillow, which will also affect the sleep. Over time, it can also cause neurasthenia and cardiovascular disease.

When the right side is lying, the heart is in a high level, not oppressed, which is conducive to heart rest.At the same time, the food in the stomach can promote digestion and absorption by the gravity effect of the stomach, and it can promote digestion and absorption.In addition, the liver is at a low position and good blood supply, which is conducive to metabolism.In addition, the whole body is in a relaxed state when lying on the right side, and the brain, heart, lung, gastrointestinal, bones, and muscles can be fully rest and oxygen supply.

When you lie on the right side, you can put a waist pillow under the waist and a pillow between your knees.This can maintain the natural physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, reduce the pressure of the spine during sleep, and prevent the discomfort caused by over -protrusion, rotation, and side bending of the lumbar spine.

Although the right side is a very ideal sleeping position for most people, not everyone is suitable.Generally speaking, people with certain diseases should choose different sleeping positions according to their own situation.

Who is suitable for sleeping?

Cerebral infarction patient

Related data shows that more than 95%of patients with cerebral infarction are used to sleeping on the side in their daily lives, which will aggravate blood circulation, especially to slow the blood flow rate of the neck, and platelets are easily gathered in the endometrial injury.Then form a thrombosis.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly with arteriosclerosis adopt a sleeping position of supine, which can reduce the risk of cerebral infarction.

Patients with emphysema

Middle -aged and elderly people with emphysema are prone to symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, etc. due to the dysfunctional dysfunctional dysfunction, so it is suitable for the sleeping position of the lying ones.

Who is suitable for sleeping?

Although prone lying is a very non -recommended sleeping position, it is a very suitable sleeping position for patients with orthopedic diseases, especially spinal disease.For example, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar bone hyperplasia, etc., prone lying is conducive to the relaxation of the back muscles, reducing the pulling and compression of the spine, and reducing pain.

Who is suitable for sleeping on the left side?

Pregnant women should choose to lie on the left side.During pregnancy, lying on the left side can reduce the right rotation of the uterus, alleviate the lack of blood supply to the uterus, and is more conducive to supplying blood for the fetus.In addition, when the fetal development is slow, the left side can improve the blood circulation of the uterine placenta, increase the energy supply of the fetus, and help the fetus development and growth.

Who is suitable for sleeping on the right?

Patients with cholecystitis and gallstone

The right side is conducive to bile excretion, prevent stones from obstruction, and thus relieve severe pain.

Stomach esophageal reflux patients

Many people are easy to reflect acid after dinner, and even have symptoms of reflux of gastric esophageal flow. At this time, the right side should be used to allow the food in the stomach to leave the bottom of the stomach and flood to the pylorus.Disclosure caused by reflux.

Heart disease

The heart is located on the left side of the thoracic cavity. Lying on the right side can reduce the pressure of the heart, help blood flow, increase the blood supply of various organs of the body, and help metabolism.On the contrary, the left side and supine can increase the burden on the heart, so people with heart disease are best to use the right side.

As the saying goes, you can sleep well.Sleeping position not only affects the quality of sleep. For people with diseases, it directly affects the recovery of the disease, so the importance of sleeping position cannot be ignored.We should choose the sleeping position that suits us best according to our own situation.Source/Editor -in -chief of the Chinese Medical Association/Chen Xiaobing Signing/Chi Fei Preparation/Xi Shujun

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