What’s wrong with leucorrhea

Women’s health problems have always been concerned by everyone. Generally, normal leucorrhea should be milky, paste, and odorless.Why does the increase in leucorrhea appear?Especially female friends with more leucorrhea should pay attention to physical health.Let ’s take a look at the reason for leucorrhea. If you find that your body is abnormal, you must seek medical treatment in time and treat them early.

Internal factors cause female leucorrhea increase

Caused by gynecological inflammation

Normal women’s leucorrhea only appears during ovulation.And the color is more clear, like eggs.If vaginal inflammation or endocrine disorders occur, leucorrhea secretion will be caused by bacteria or inside the body.

If the leucorrhea increases, yellow, and odor, it is mostly the clinical manifestations of vaginitis and cervicitis. You need to go to a regular hospital for gynecology for leucorrhea routine and other examinations.

Teach you a simple diagnosis: Vaginitis is usually often or occasionally itchy.If the leucorrhea is white, like a tofu or custody, it may be infected by white Candida

Increased estrogen levels

After many female friends, after pregnancy, the blood flow of the vagina and other places of the uterus, and the increase in tissue moisture, which leads to an increase in vaginal secretions.As a result, estrogen and progesterone increased with pregnancy, and direct consequences have led to an increase in white band secretion in pregnant women.In addition, the physiological period that affects women’s body’s estrogen level can also lead to an increase in leucorrhea in some time.

Swell cancer causes the increase in leucorrhea

The so -called swollen cancer is cancer such as ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, and ovarian tumors that occur.These swollen cancer can also lead to an increase in leucorrhea. Therefore, women must seek medical treatment in time when there is an increase in leucorrhea and accompanied by physical discomfort.

There are foreign objects in the uterus or vagina

Another reason for the increase in leucorrhea is another reason for female friends because of breeding surgery, placing a nursery -saving ring in the uterus, or putting foreign bodies such as menstrual embolism in the vagina, which causes the increase in leucorrhea.Other physical or chemical stimulus may lead to increased leucorrhea and affect women’s health.

external factors

Increased sexual life

In sexual life or frequent sexual impulses, the amount of leucorrhea will also increase.This is mainly because the vestibular gonads produce a large amount of secretions during sexual excitement, so that the penis can be prepared smoothly and lubricated friction.Therefore, some people call this "leucorrhea" for love.

Artificial synthetic estrogen

Artificially synthetic estrogen can stimulate sex organs and increase the discharge of secretions, resulting in increased leucorrhea.

Mental factors

Female friends who have been nervous for a long time, insomnia, or physical fatigue for a long time, will also lead to an increase in leucorrhea.Failure to get sufficient rest and poor mental condition, which leads to endocrine disorders and cause leucorrhea.The increase in leucorrhea caused by this reason is only a momentary rather than long -term. As long as you adjust your emotions and the mood of life will be effectively relieved.

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