What you want to eat when you are pregnant?Don’t be greedy for pregnant mothers, you need to pay special attention

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Women’s pregnancy is particularly happy, and family members are even more excited. Pregnant mothers are also particularly nervous, especially the mothers of the first tires are more complicated. In this special period, the whole family will come to take care of the pregnant mother.Afraid of a little loss.

Pregnancy will bring a variety of changes to the body. Many pregnant mothers will become fat during pregnancy, especially those pregnant mothers with not serious pregnancy reactions become particularly able to eat.

We all know that there are two cases after pregnancy. One is that the pregnancy reaction is serious. When you eat it, you will vomit, and some pregnant mothers have a very mild pregnancy response, so the appetite is very good, and the food is more than usual.

Especially among many film and television dramas, pregnant mothers have changed their demands. In fact, it is a good thing to pick tricks. This can be more nutritious.It’s not good, the impact on the baby is particularly bad.

Xiaoxiao and her husband have been married for 2 years. Because I have been busy with work, I do n’t have time to ask for a child. Seeing that her son is about to be thirty years old, the little mother -in -law is anxious and has been urging the little couple to ask for children.Because of her mother -in -law, she became pregnant a few times ago.

The mother -in -law was particularly happy to hear the news of the little pregnancy. She was ready to rush from her hometown to take care of her little, but Xiao Xiao did not agree. She felt that because she was just pregnant, she could take care of herself, and she was different from her mother -in -law.Let mother -in -law come.

Xiaoxiao has been pregnant for more than three months. Because of the light response during pregnancy, and he is particularly thin, he can eat very well. Her husband also feels that you eat more, so that the baby develops faster.

Since I was pregnant, I have become particularly like to eat sweets, especially cakes. I don’t feel greasy to eat a whole piece of performance at one time, because I don’t know if eating too much sweets affects blood sugar for the first time, so I didn’t care.

One day at home, Xiao Xiao suddenly felt particularly uncomfortable, so he hurriedly called her husband, and then hurried to the hospital for examination. When I arrived at the hospital, the little child of the doctor and child had stopped the fetus!

This made Xiaoxiao a little fainted, and her husband hurriedly helped, and then asked the doctor what was going on. The doctor told the little husband that the blood sugar of pregnant women was several times higher than the normal blood sugar.As a result, the fetus stopped.

After hearing this, Xiaoxiao and her husband were very self -blame and sad, and felt that it was his own ignorance and no taboo that caused the child to stop. It really regretted it.

Pregnant mothers are too greedy. What are the bad effects?

In fact, pregnancy is a good thing. It is also a good thing for pregnant mothers to eat, but it should be noted that some fixed west can eat more, so that the fetus is particularly good, and some things must be eaten less, because eating too muchIt will have a great impact on the fetus, and in severe cases, the fetus stops. In short, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their eating habits during pregnancy.

One: Eat less sweets

You must eat less sweets, because the pregnant mother’s system itself during pregnancy will lead to higher blood sugar. If you eat a lot of sweets at this time, it will be particularly easy to rise blood sugar.

Two: eat less cold drink

Cold drinks must be eaten less, because eating cold drinks will not only affect the baby’s development, but also hurt your stomach, so cold drinks must be eaten less.

Three: eat less hot pot

Some pregnant mothers especially like to eat hot pot when they are pregnant. Although the hot pot tastes good, the additives inside are too right. These additives are not good for the baby.

Four: Eat less high -fat food

Be sure to control high -fat foods strictly, because these high -fat food intake during pregnancy can easily lead to obesity of pregnant mothers, so that health is not good for health.

Five: Don’t eat too much protein

Many pregnant mothers and family members think that the protein is very good during pregnancy. In fact, it is not the case. Too much supplementation not only has no effect on the baby’s development, but it will not develop well on the baby.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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