What will happen to women’s bodies in the early stages of pregnancy?These 4 changes are normal, relaxing the heart

For female friends, it is definitely a rare event for female friends. Because many women are pregnant for the first time after marriage, it is inevitable that they will become very anxious because of lack of experience.

As everyone knows, after pregnancy, some changes in the body are normal. Do not worry too much about this.

What changes will happen to the body in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Frequent pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy can be said to be one of the pregnancy reactions that most pregnant women have experienced. Generally, when the third week of pregnancy is around the third week of pregnancy, the pregnancy response will appear frequently.Also different.

The pregnant woman with weak constitution will have a large pregnancy reaction, and it will also be accompanied by nausea and dizziness.

The reason why pregnant women have a great relationship with estrogen and progesterone levels. However, when the uneven hormone in the body and the rise of progesterone, the gastrointestinal capacity of pregnant women starts to become slow, which leads to repeated occurrence of pregnancy vomiting reactions.

At this stage, pregnant women may also be very sensitive to certain odors. Once they smell these odors, they will be nauseous and vomit.

2. Change of diet habits

Many women who have experienced pregnancy have had similar experiences. They particularly dislike food before pregnancy, but they eat very fragrant after pregnancy. What I like to eat before is very annoying after pregnancy.More normal pregnancy reactions.

Many pregnant women like to eat particularly sour or spicy foods during pregnancy, which may have something to do with hormone changes in pregnant women.

According to the reflection of pregnant women, there is also a "sour girl" statement. Although there is no scientific basis, it can reflect the phenomenon of sudden changes in dietary habits when women are pregnant.Normal phenomenon, so there is no need to be too anxious for this.

Third, the body is extremely tired

Many women are particularly energetic before pregnancy, as if they do n’t feel tired no matter what they do, but they suddenly become weak after pregnancy. Even if they do n’t workThinking about it, because I feel tired in the early stages of pregnancy, it is a normal phenomenon.

Even if you usually rest or sleep in bed, you still feel particularly sleepy and tired. In fact, this is why the progesterone level in the body is rising.

Another point is that in the process of development of the abdomen, in the process of development, the nutrition of the mother will continue to absorb. If the pregnant woman does not pay attention to supplementing nutrients during pregnancy, the physical fitness will decrease and cause fatigue.

Fourth, breasts become plump

Although many women in their lives are distressed by their small breasts, after the breasts continue to increase after pregnancy, they will have a particularly worried feeling.

As everyone knows, this physiological reaction is very normal because the level of hormone in the body after pregnancy will change a lot, which will cause estrogen levels to rise continuously, and breasts will gradually be plump under this premise.

There is also the breast tissue in the breasts during pregnancy will continue to be congested. This is preparing for the secretion of the milk. When a large amount of milk accumulates in women’s breasts, the breasts will continue to become larger.Prepare.

Some physical changes in the early stages of pregnancy are introduced. Do not panic after encountering this situation, because poor emotions can also cause physical health.

Pregnancy is the happiest moment in life, so you should usually learn more about pregnancy, so that you can actively cope with the impact of physical changes to psychological.

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