What will happen to Japanese female high school students after pregnancy?Abortion, dropping out, or toilet killing?Their destiny is completely different

Sixteen or seven -year -old girl is at the age of flowers.You should study hard on campus, be admitted to a good university, and then experience different scenery and life.

However, due to the lack of sex education, some high school girls will get pregnant unexpectedly.The Ministry of Literature and Art of Japan has specially conducted investigations. From 2015 to 2016, 298 high school girls were pregnant in Japan.This number can be said to be very high!

What happened to those pregnant girls?

The survey showed that 37.1%of the pregnant girls continued to go to school, 30.6%chose to automatically drop out of school, 1.5%were subdued under the school’s advice. In addition, there were some transfer, study or other situations.

No matter what choice, pregnancy has a great impact on girls’ life.

Japanese law stipulates that women can have a miscarriage within 22 weeks of pregnancy and abortion for more than 22 weeks.Therefore, if girls find that they are pregnant and do not want their children, they must have a flow surgery as soon as possible.

Many girls who communicate with their family in time will have surgery with the help of their family.This influence on yourself is actually relatively minimal, and you can continue to study afterwards.

However, many girls are too scared and dare not tell parents.If you meet a man with a responsible man, someone will always help get an idea.But if the people they meet are weak and afraid of things, then the girl may be supported by the girl alone.

To make matters worse, they were originally children who did not know how to face small lives in their stomachs.

In December last year, a murder of a shopping mall in Xiaoshan City, Tochigi County: The 17 -year -old female high school student gave birth to a baby boy in the toilet. After that, she pierced the baby’s neck with scissors, causing a wound of up to 15cm!

Later, she and her children were taken to the hospital at the same time, and the baby was killed after rescue.One month later, she was arrested by the police.

At the time of the incident, she was shopping with a friend.Friends did not know how she was pregnant, and she gave birth to a baby and killed for more than two hours after going to the toilet for more than two hours.

What kind of human tragedy is this!No one knows what she has experienced.Who is her boyfriend?Does her parents know?Do she know what she is doing?That’s your own biological and fleshy!

At the age of seventeen, she must be frightened?She may not know what to do at all, she just wants everything in front of her eyes to disappear as soon as possible.So she adopted the most cruel and wrong way.She doesn’t know that there are actually other solutions, such as sending children to welfare agencies.

In the prison, would she think of the baby with blood?Since then, the road of life is long, and this sin will always follow her.

Some people hate children and some people love children.After they were pregnant, they would rather drop out of school in order to raise a baby. Since then, they have stepped into the adult world in advance, such as Kaori in Monasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kaori met the 15 -year -old boy at the age of 17.At the age of youth, they fell in love.For about 4 months, Kaori found that he was pregnant!

She was a high school student at that time, and she was very scared inside, and she dared not say to anyone.She spoke courage and expensive.If you can see that she likes her children very much, she said, "If you want to have a birth, I will be responsible."

Later, Kaori went through the procedures for dropping out and concentrated on giving birth to a baby at home.The expensive high school did not go to high school, and after graduating from junior high school, he started working to support his family.They officially informed the parents of both parties that the two lived together.

They couldn’t get married at that time, because they were not married.But the two who loved each other didn’t care, and decided to live together first, and then get married when the age is coming.

They did not have a wedding because they were not rich.Valuables go out to work and can earn about 250,000 yen a month (equivalent to about 15,000 yuan).Two people have to live independently and have to support their baby. Life is quite difficult. Sometimes they do n’t even eat them. They often ask parents to fund them.

At the most difficult time, valuables have borrowed up to 2 million yen (about 120,000 yuan) to consumers’ financial institutions.The loan interest is very high, but they have no way. After that, they have paid back the loan for a long time, and they still pay off with the help of their parents.

Even if it is very hard, the feelings of Kaori and the expensive regulations are very good.At the 20 -year -old adult ceremony, Kaori took three children to participate, which was particularly noticeable among the younger sisters.

At the age of getting married, Kaori and expensive regulations couldn’t wait to go to the marriage agency to submit an application late at night.After handling the hukou registration, Kaori laughed like a child.

Kaori is now 39 years old. She has four children and three daughters.The eldest daughter is 21 years old and works in a food shop.His son was 19 years old and had started to work as a railway repair industry.

Her second daughter is 18 years old and is good at volleyball.Starting in the first grade of elementary school, participating in many large -scale competitions and winning awards.In August this year, she will go to the United States to study and learn volleyball in public.There is a good chance of studying abroad, and the family is proud of her!

Her younger daughter is only 9 years old and is the happy fruit of the family.

Raising four children and providing an international student, the Kaori couples have passed very hard these years.In addition to bringing children, Kaori is also a nurse in the hospital.In order to save children’s tuition, valuables are determined to quit alcohol.

Kaori has to take care of the four children in the family and go out to work.But she said that she was also very happy, as long as she was with the children, she looked satisfied every day.

Someone asked Kaori if he regretted pregnancy and dropping out of school when he was young.Kaori said no, if she did not have the expensive regulations, she would not meet these children. She actually thanked him very much.

She said, no matter what before, as long as she is happy now!

Yeah, she is very happy now.A family of six lived in a small building, and the children played like her friends.

Her and her husband’s greatest wish is to hold her grandson as soon as possible. Her son is 19 years old. If you get married early, it should be a matter of recent years.If you are in his 40s and hold your grandson, you can see the great -grandson when you live until the age of seventh or eighty.If you live longer and children are married early, the fourth generation is possible.

Kaori is really a super -loving child!From the age of 17 to give birth to a child, her focus of life is completely children.With her most precious youth, she provided 4 children with a loving environment.Although he experienced a lot of suffering, he finally got happiness.

Those girls who are pregnant in middle school will inevitably have a completely different life because of their different choices.

Some people face the disaster of prison and carry the crime of lingering for life; some people forget the past, buried the pain deep in the bottom of their hearts, and restarted their lives; some people like Kaori, enter the society early, and start their own childcare road …

No matter what choice, people must be responsible for their actions, which is the cost of growth.

In fact, it is also lucky to live like Kaori. The probability is comparable to the lottery.

After all, who can guarantee that the impulsive love will not change?Who can guarantee that the couple graduated from middle school can find the right job smoothly, and there are parents’ homes from time to time?Who else can guarantee that the family has always been healthy. What if someone is sick?

There are always too many variables in life, and mature people often choose to take less detours.

If those girls are not pregnant when they are in middle school, they may look at the world in a carefree manner in the ivory tower instead of taking multiple pressures from the heart and economy.Therefore, each parent has to teach children’s correct sexual knowledge and let them take less detours.

However, don’t give up if you really go wrong.After all, life is so long, and he is still at the starting point. Don’t sin, don’t abandon yourself, let alone lose your belief in life.No matter what choices you do, you must live well.If you work hard, you can get your own happiness.

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