What to do with recurrent abortion?The experts here answers you

Recently, Multi -disciplinary experts from the recurrent abortion clinics of Guilin Maternal and Child Health Hospital gathered together to share their experience in the successful diagnosis and treatment of patients with recurrent abortion.Among them, there are patients with repeated abortion (the embryo stops developing) 7 times, and patients who have not succeeded in the district and outside the district have been successfully protected in our hospital for recurrent abortion outpatient clinics; patients with repeated plant failure were successful in the recurrent abortion clinic in our hospitalAfter conception, it is 33 weeks of pregnancy; patients with embryos stopped 3 times after being treated with closed antibody treatment after a recurrence abortion clinic in our hospital, and they were pregnant again.Share, experts summarize experience to better provide diagnosis and treatment for patients with recurrent abortion.

What is recurrent abortion?

Natural abortion (the embryo stops developing) more than two or two times, which is a recurrence abortion, including continuous biochemical pregnancy.

What should I do after recurrence of abortion?

First check the cause.

What are the causes of recurrent abortion?

【Expert Suggestions】

1. For women with recurrent abortion, the cause of reproductive tract anatomy should be screened.The recommended examination method is routine pelvic ultrasound examination, three -dimensional ultrasound and hysteroscopy, laparoscopic examination.

2. Patients with relapse abortion couples routinely peripheral blood chromosomal examination and embryo chromosome examination.

3. Endocrine factors screening, including 6 sex hormones, anti -seeded tubular hormones (AMH), 7 thyroid function, blood sugar and insulin related examinations.

4. Immune factors screening.

5. Screening of high -gastric states of blood.

6. Screening of other bad factors and male factors.

Bad living habits and environmental factors will increase the incidence of recurrence of abortion. Long -term exposure to toxic, harmful substances, and adverse emotions such as tension and anxiety can also affect the nervous system and endocrine system, which leads to recurrence abortion.

Men’s sperm quality is closely related to the complete abortion of sperm DNA.Men’s regular analysis of chromosomal nuclear type, routine semen and sperm morphology, sperm DNA integrity test.

How to treat recurrent abortion?

A precise diagnosis is made according to the results of the inspection, and targeted and individualized treatment is taken.

1. Anatomy of reproductive tract anatomy, including uterine cavity adhesion, vertical diaphragm, and incomplete cervical function, etc., which are perceived of hysteroscopy, hysteroscopic adhesion, hysteroscopic vertical diaphragm, and cervical ring tie operation (including before pregnancy and before pregnancy and before pregnancy.The ring tie after pregnancy);

2. Patients with abnormal chromosomes, according to the specific situation, go to three -generation IVF babies if necessary;

3. Endocrine treatment, including the treatment of luteal dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypervolidal prolactors, thyroid diseases, diabetes, etc.

4. In addition to immunotherapy, immune treatment can also be treated with closed antibody.

5. The treatment of blood high -coordinated state includes treatment with low molecular heparin and aspirin.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid adverse factors to avoid adverse factors during pregnancy and pregnancy, and it is also necessary to give corresponding psychological counseling and nutritional guidance.

Guilin Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital recurring abortion clinics -the first recurrence abortion clinic in Guilin City, which consists of a team of experts with rich experience and strong technical power, brings together gynecological, perinatal medicine, reproductive medicine, rheumatism and immunology, etc.Disciplines focus on recurrence of abortion.According to the results of the inspection, accurate diagnosis is taken, and targeted, individualized pregnancy preparation measures and precise tire preservation solutions are taken.Provide the cause of the cause search, treatment, pregnancy preparation, fetal preservation, birth examination, childbirth, etc., and one -stop diagnosis and treatment to escort your pregnancy and realize your dream of being your mother!

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