What to do if you are pregnant and anemia is critical?

Many expectant mothers find symptoms of anemia when they check the blood. This is a normal physiological process. Medicine is called physiological anemia, and most of them are iron deficiency anemia. Because after pregnancyThe demand is increased, and the metabolism is accelerated. At the same time, the growth of fetal baby and placenta in the uterus increases the blood capacity.Therefore, the phenomenon of blood dilution during pregnancy is formed, but long -term anemia will affect the development of the fetus. So what should I do if I am pregnant?Let’s take a look at the relevant information.

[What causes pregnancy anemia]

1. Pregnant women such as low blood pressure are scarn, such as suddenly standing or riding an elevator.In the early and middle stages of pregnancy, due to the formation of the placenta, blood pressure has decreased to a certain extent. Generally, it is 1.33-2.67 kilowators lower than usual, which is physiological.Pregnant women with original hypertension will decrease more.Blood pressure decreases, and the blood flow flowing to the brain will decrease, resulting in insufficient cerebral blood supply, causing hypoxia in the cerebral ischemia, which causes dizziness.Insufficient blood supply to the brain, with the acceleration of the heart rate and the increase of heart fighting, will gradually improve, and dizziness will gradually disappear. Generally, it can be normal until 7 months of pregnancy.This kind of pregnant woman needs to pay attention to self -protection; do not ride a bicycle to avoid falling injuries; once dizziness occurs, sit down immediately, or lie flat to prevent dizziness from intensifying; avoid long -standing to prevent attacks.

2. Eat too little blood sugar is sometimes dizzy, accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, cold sweat, and usually occurs when eating less.During pregnancy, because of pregnancy reaction -vomiting, I eat less.Eat less and make blood sugar low.Blood glucose is a raw material for muscle cells and brain cells to produce energy.Low blood sugar, reduced cell energy, which leads to discomfort such as fatigue, dizziness, cold sweat, and palpitations.Therefore, this type of pregnant women should eat more breakfast and better quality, such as milk and eggs.At the same time, you can bring some toffees with you. Once you are dizzy, you can eat sugar immediately, which can relieve dizziness and play a healing role.

3. Instead of positioning, pregnant women such as blood vessels usually occur when they are lying on or lying on the sofa when watching TV, and they will not occur when they are lying on the side or standing.The dizziness of this type of pregnant woman belongs to supine syndrome.Due to the increase in the uterus in the late pregnancy, when lying on or lying on, the heavy uterus pressed on the lower cavity vein behind it, so that the blood of the lower body could not return to the heart;The supply of heart and brain blood decreases, causing discomfort such as dizziness and chest tightness.As long as you avoid lying on your back or half -sitting position, you can prevent dizziness from occurring.If it happens, you should lie on the side immediately.

[The effect of anemia on the fetus during pregnancy]

1. Infant vision and movements are not flexible.Such as taking small items, as well as small items, and small items, as well as beads, stacking and action coordinated building blocks and puzzles, which are beaded, and the ability to be understood by the targets are backward.Essence

2. It is difficult to develop day and night.Normal babies are easy to awaken when the light is sufficient. When dark, the brain’s pain and some stimulus formation of chemical transmission slowly slows down, and gradually develops the laws of life of night sleep and awakening during the day.The speed difference between iron deficiency is disappeared through the speed difference, and it feels as sensitive to everything at night.

3. Muscle exercise ability is slow.When iron deficiency, the muscle red protein contains insufficient iron, so that the muscle is weak, the baby looks late, and turns, sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking late.Anemia makes the child weak, unwilling to move, always lying and sitting, making the movement that has learned gradually step back.

[What to do if you are pregnant with anemia]

The cause of anemia in pregnant women is insufficient intake in the body. Pregnant women with long -term picky, partial eclipse, or parasitic disease are most likely to occur.Once pregnant women have anemia, their physical resistance will be relatively weakened, and they will be extremely susceptible to various diseases during pregnancy, time, or postpartum. In severe cases, the fetal development is slow, and it will even cause premature birth or death.Therefore, we must actively prevent and treat anemia in daily life.Prevention and treatment of anemia of pregnant women must first consider how to take more iron in the body.On the basis of dietary balance, you can eat more iron -rich foods in moderation.For example: animal liver, pig blood, wolfberry, beef, eggs, soy products, etc.Red dates and Ejiao are also healthy health care products. Pregnant women with anemia can be used to drink soup.

Vitamin C can promote iron absorption and utilization.Therefore, pregnant women with anemia are advised to adhere to some fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C daily.For example: Mustard, Hu Lai, tomato, cucumber, peas, edible fungus, milk, etc.If the above methods are persisted, the level of hemoglobin in the body is lower than 10 grams/100 ml, and the symptoms of anemia have not been improved in a timely manner.You can try some iron supplements orally.However, it is best to take a lot of personally, it is best to be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Reminder: The above introduces what to do with the anemia after pregnancy.Note that pregnant women should usually consume iron -rich foods, such as animal blood, pork liver, lean meat, etc.Once anemia occurs, the iron should be replenished emergency, and pregnant women will also have dizziness and headache symptoms from time to time.If the condition is further developed into a pioneer, it can cause convulsions and coma, endangering pregnant women and fetal lives.This is the most serious complication during pregnancy and should be diagnosed early.

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