What to do if the fetus hiccups?Pregnant mothers should do this

During the pregnancy, Girlfriend Xiaoli recently found a strange thing. Her belly often had paroxysmal beating. The peaceful fetal movement felt very different. She was worried that the baby had a problem. Hurry up the hospital for examination.It was found that the fetus was very good and no abnormalities were seen.The doctor said that the abdomen beating that Xiaoli felt was probably because the fetus was snoring.We all know that snoring is a phenomenon that each of us has happened, and it is a normal reaction of the human body.But in fact, the baby will also snoring.So why do the fetus snoring?

Why does the fetus hiccup

The reason why the baby is snoring is because during the third trimester, they will swallow amniotic fluid in the stomach of the expectant mother to exercise the lung breathing.When the baby is swallowing amniotic fluid, it is swallowed as usual, just like we usually eat.There is a diaphragmicus between the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity of the fetal baby. It is a muscle film similar to the pilot. It can separate the abdomen and chest cavity. Like other organs in the body, the diaphragm muscle is not only blood supply, but it also has it on it.After the nerve distribution, when the stimulation of snoring is transmitted to the brain, the brain will issue instructions, and the diaphragm muscle will cause spasm and contraction, so snoring will form.

What does fetal hiccup feel

When the expectant mother feels her abdomen, she has a heartbeat like a heartbeat, or when she is placed in the lower abdomen, she can feel a bounce, which is very regular, but when it is different from the fetal movement, it is the baby baby.Snacking.When the baby is snoring, the beating of expectant mothers can feel once every 2-3 seconds, and the last time is about 2-5 minutes. Sometimes it will grow a little, about 10-20 minutes.The snoring of the baby is not an abnormal phenomenon, but a normal physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers do not have to be too nervous, let alone take wrong medical care for intervention.In fact, understanding the phenomenon of hiccups in the baby is of great significance for monitoring the health of the fetus.

What to do if the fetus hiccups

When the expectant mother finds the baby’s snoring, she can touch her abdomen gently, so that on the one hand, it can help the baby "smooth" and let them stop snoring; on the other hand, they can also soothe the baby in the abdomen.The baby hiccups are generally started at about 28 weeks of the third trimester. Medically, the fetus hiccups are hiccups.The fetal snoring occurs only in a state of good physical development. If the fetus is hypoxic in the uterus of the prospective mother, there will be no these actions.Therefore, the baby will not snoring when hypoxia, and the expectant mothers should rest assured.

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