What to do about cervical erosion?Doctor reminds: Don’t be nervous, these 3 methods may relieve discomfort

With the continuous understanding of the disease of "cervical erosion", more and more evidence shows that in fact, "cervical erosion" is not a disease, but a normal physiological phenomenon.

So, since it is a normal physiological phenomenon, if you have "cervical erosion", does it need to be treated?If you really want to treat it, how do you treat it?In order to better understand this disease, these three methods, female friends should master it as soon as possible.

1. Observe, no treatment

In fact, the diagnostic term "cervical erosion" is no longer used now, because clinically found that using "cervical erosion" to define this cervical problem, it is actually unscientific.This is because "cervical erosion" does not mean that the cervix is really rotten, but the cervical cylindrical epithelium has shifted.

Therefore, now the term "cervical erosion" has been replaced by "cervical cylindrical epithelium", that is, if the cervical cylindrical epithelium is shifted, it can be treated without treatment. Observation can be observed.It’s right.

2. Drug treatment

In fact, "cervical erosion" is the shift of cervical cylindrical epithelium, and the reason why the cylindrical epithelium is shifted is that the cylindrical epithelium is affected by estrogen, which leads to over -proliferation of columnar epithelium.Phenomenon.Therefore, for the problem of cylindrical epithelial displacement, if it controls the excessive hyperplasia from the source, it will definitely be better.

Therefore, in this case, patients can consider controlling columnar epithelial growth from the perspective of drug management, such as treatment with estrogen antagonists.At the same time, in response to the problems of vaginal inflammation and cervical inflammation caused by "cervical erosion", anti -inflammatory treatment can also be considered, and drugs can play a positive anti -inflammatory effect.

3. Surgical treatment

At present, for severe "cervical erosion", surgical treatment can be considered. There are many ways to surgical treatment. Specifically include the following aspects:

The first is electrical therapy.For patients with a relatively large area of cervical cylindrical epithelium, they can process the local shift site through electrical burns, so that the cylindrical epithelium of the shift can shrink.

The second is frozen therapy.Frozen therapy is mainly through low temperature to promote frozen cervical inflammation or lesion tissue, and then fall off and necrotic to achieve the purpose of treatment.

The third is through laser therapy.At present, this therapy has become more and more popular with the public, because the temperature of the laser can be as high as 700 degrees Celsius. For cervical inflammation and "erosion", it can promote carbonization and scabs in the lesions.The purpose of treatment.

In general, there is no need to treat the mild "cervical erosion", and it is enough to observe.For the severe "cervical erosion", it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the patient and adopt an individualized treatment plan.

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