What symptoms and changes will your baby and your body have?

After 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can feel that your body has changed a lot.

The baby’s nose, mouth, and ears … There is also an interesting little thing called the pituitary body.

1. How old is the baby 6 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is the size of a grain of rice!From the top to the hips, your baby is 2 mm to 4 mm long.

Most length measurement only pays attention to the distance from the baby’s head to the small buttocks.Generally, the measurement of this method is very practical, because the baby will shrink his legs before birth.

When your baby grows to a pea or a grain of rice, the baby’s body shape will change a lot.From looking like a flower bud to actual appearance, your baby is changing rapidly.

2, 6 weeks of healthy pregnancy suggestion

It’s time for you to start developing healthy pregnancy habits until your baby is born.

孕 Diet: Many people around you may say to you, "You must eat more when you are pregnant now, because you are two people now."It is also possible to recommend how much calories in the early pregnancy, second and second trimester of pregnancy, or the weight loss or decrease after pregnancy before pregnancy.

But in fact, if you pay too much attention to these numbers, it will make you feel pressure, so remove your attention and not calculate the calories.On the contrary, put your attention on eating high -quality and rich nutrients. As long as you try to eat nutritious foods, you don’t have to worry about weight.If you don’t know how to choose nutritional foods, it is best to consult a nutritionist.

You are now eating your body and eating in your body.This means that your body and your baby need nutrition, not simply calories.

It is not difficult to build a healthy diet, but it takes a little self -discipline.

感觉 Movement: If you have been tired now, don’t worry about it is completely normal.

Try to get up at least once a day.You don’t need to do so severe exercise, but you need to speed up your heart blood flow rate, and do some stretching movements to relax your muscles. Slowly walking is enough to achieve this goal.

3. 6 weeks of pregnancy baby ultrasound examination

Your baby is still very small, and there will only be a dark spot on the ultrasonic wave.

If you want to enlarge the small spots, you will see a body shape similar to a tadpole, and there is obvious differences in the head and tail area.

This week, facial features such as eyes, mouth and ears are also formed.As mentioned earlier, the baby’s pituitary gland is also in the starting stage of formation.

The baby’s neural sulcus is also closed, which means that the formation of the early brain room has begun.

In the ultrasonic examination, you can see the baby’s small heart beating and contraction.Contraction is a positive sign of the fusion of cardiac tubes, which is exactly what should happen during the healthy development of the baby.

4. 6 weeks of pregnancy your abdomen changes

Compared with your size before pregnancy, you may find that the waist of your clothes is thinner.You may feel that your abdomen is a bit bloated.You may even notice the weight of the legs or other parts (such as the chest).

Although your belly looks not obvious, it is also time to start preparing clothes to slowly adapt to your growing body.

5. Symptoms and changes in your body 6 weeks of pregnancy

Stomach burning: In the early pregnancy, nearly 25 % of women suffer from stomach burning.With the increase of pregnancy time, this number will increase.The reason is generally due to the expansion of the uterus, the stomach is compressed, and the food moves slowly in the digestive tract.The best way to prevent stomach burning is to eat less meals and avoid eating acidic foods.

Constipation: Your bowel movement may change during pregnancy.Some women may have constipation at some point.The most important thing to remember when constipation is to increase water intake to prevent dehydration.Develop the habit of carrying a water bottle at any time.

Pregnancy vomiting: help you alleviate this uncomfortable method: eating snacks, eating small meals, avoiding hunger, drinking ginger tea, sucking lemon flavor candy, and so on.

Chest: You should notice the opening and change of your chest, you may feel heavy or even painful.Like what you think, your chest is preparing to provide nutrition for Baby (whether you breastfeed).

You are almost a mother, do you know?What changes your body will happen when you are 4 weeks of pregnancy?

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