What stage is the most uncomfortable during pregnancy?Baoma said: These 5 stages during pregnancy are the most difficult, and it is easy to get through

Sister is a supervisor of the overseas marketing department of a listed company. There are many overseas business in the company. Due to the time difference, they have to work overtime every day. The sister go home very late every day.I remember at the National Day last year, she told me a joke and said, "Sister, when I am married, I do n’t want to work like this when I am pregnant. I have to enjoy my pregnancy life." At that timeTell your sister, you won’t think so after you have a child.My sister didn’t understand this sentence at the time.

At the end of last year, my sister got married, and she found that she was pregnant shortly after marriage. After pregnancy, her sister really resigned from her job to concentrate on raising her fetus at home.Starting at 6 weeks of pregnancy, my sister started her early pregnancy reaction, and the most obvious is pregnancy vomiting.My sister belongs to the kind of pregnancy vomiting. She can’t eat anything, vomit and vomit, and even spit out bile, because the pregnancy vomiting response is too serious and can’t eat anything. Finally, she can only go to the hospital for infusion.In the hospital, my sister said to me, "Sister, don’t get pregnant, I would rather go to work every day."

How difficult is it during pregnancy. Only the pregnant mothers who have experienced it know that the pregnancy reaction is only the beginning of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. There is still a lot of difficult stages next, and it will be easy to survive.I list the 5 difficult stages of pregnancy for pregnant mothers. Are you also experiencing the same?

1. Stretch marks

After 5 months of pregnancy, many pregnant women have pale red or purple -red slightly depressed stripes on the inside of the thighs and abdomen. Some are accompanied by mild itching, which is "stretch marks".As the month grows, the growth rate of the fetus has accelerated, or the weight of pregnant women increases too quickly in a short period of time. Before the belly is too late, it will cause fibrous fiber in the skin dermis and cause stretch marks.

Stretch marks are not only beautiful, but sometimes itching and unbearable sense of itching, especially in summer, pregnant mothers sweat more, and itching is stronger.More than 15%of pregnant women may encounter pregnancy skin itching, do not use nails itching to avoid causing infection.Generally, itching will disappear quickly after giving birth. When itching is not to sleep or affect the body and mind, you can go to the hospital for confirmation.

2. Constipation during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the influence of lutein, the intestinal peristalsis will weaken, and when the uterus becomes larger, it will press the rectum, so it will often have constipation.Pregnant mothers who have constipation have a lower appetite, so the condition of the intestinal function is more serious; in severe cases, it will induce themselves to poison, because many metabolites in the body are excreted with feces.At the time of severe constipation, the metabolites in the intestinal tube gathered in the intestinal tube are absorbed and leading to poisoning.This is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, when I was pregnant for seven or eight months of pregnancy, I also suffered from constipation during pregnancy. I did not solve it for half an hour for half an hour. It was really uncomfortable.Later, I drank a bottle of yogurt every day and ate more foods containing a lot of cellulose, such as potato, sweet potatoes, lentils, soybeans and fruits, which improved slightly.

3, insomnia, low sleep quality

The 4-6 months of pregnant women is a stage when the pregnant woman has a lighter body. During this period, the pregnant mother sleeps more comfortably.But in the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach increases day by day, some pregnant mothers are easily nervous or even insomnia. Irregular contractions and fetal movements will interfere with them.Sleep.

A pregnant mother said that she was very tired and wanted to sleep, but she was uncomfortable because she was too large, and she was worried that she would accidentally press the fetus in the belly, so the pregnant mother was not sleeping during pregnancy.One of the most difficult things during pregnancy.In order to improve the quality of sleep, it is recommended that pregnant mothers sleep in the left side of the third trimester.

4. Back pain

In the late pregnancy, the fetus continued to grow. In order to keep the center of gravity move forward, the pregnant woman had to tilt the head and shoulders backwards and the waist forward, so that the back muscles were in a state of unnatural tension.It increases the burden on the waist and poor lumbar muscle tension, and it is easy to feel back pain.

I remember that when I was pregnant, I insisted on class daily for nine months. After 45 minutes of lesson, I almost doubted my life.Maybe pregnant mothers will ask, what can be reduced in back pain?Back pain can be tried to reduce. If you take a hot bath frequently, you can improve the blood circulation of the waist and reduce the pain on the waist.Gently massage the waist, it also has a good effect on reducing the pain of the waist. Do not maintain a posture for a long time. Don’t stand for a long time, don’t walk too much.

5, contraction pain

After all the discomfort during pregnancy, it was finally liberated, but before the baby was born, the pregnant mother had to go through the most difficult moment, that is, childbirth.The contraction pain before childbirth can be said to be the most painful moment in life in the life of pregnant mothers.Although the contraction pain is unbearable, I can meet my baby when I think of this moment, but my mood is extremely excited and looking forward to it.

In October, pregnant mothers have to go through a lot of difficult stages, and the whole process is very hard.But when the baby is born, when the mother sees the baby, she will feel that everything is worth it. Maybe this is the power of mother love!

Sisters, which one do you think is the most difficult during pregnancy?Welcome to share a message.

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