What should pregnant women eat? You can’t miss it

Pregnancy is a special experience for every mother. During this time, the fetus and herself were shared with a body. The mother can clearly feel the whole process of children from germination to mature, which makes them feel very happy and happywonderful.

At the same time, the responsibility is as heavy as pregnancy. The fetus uses a umbilical cord to be closely connected to the mother. His nutritional absorption and growth status is closely related to his mother. During this period, the diet of pregnant women is particularly critical.What is the best suitable for pregnant women?


In the choice of staple food, you can consider wheat, oats and buckwheat.

There is also rich protein, sugar and a variety of trace elements in the wheat. It not only provides the daily energy required by pregnant women, but also provides sufficient nutritional supply for the fetus.

Oats and buckwheat belong to coarse grains. They contain irreversible cellulose, which can smooth the stomach and alleviate the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy.

In addition, they also contain many unique amino acids, which is conducive to fetal development.


Meats are generally divided into three types, poultry, animal and aquatic products.

For pregnant women, aquatic products are the first choice. Not only single fish shrimp feels fresh and delicious, but also because the high -quality protein contained in aquatic products is easier to absorb the human body, and the fatty acids rich in fish can extend the pregnancy period to prevent premature birth.The contained DHA is very helpful for the intellectual development of the fetus and the healthy vision.

Eat more beef and lamb in the choice of animal.Beef is rich in trace elements such as iron and zinc, which is very helpful for the development of the fetus, immune system, and bones.The mutton is rich in nutrition, the meat is delicate and delicious, and the fat and steroids are relatively small. It is very helpful for the health of pregnant women and the nutritional absorption of the fetus.

The choice of poultry is better for chicken. The protein contained in chicken is particularly rich, and the fat content is low, especially chicken soup, which is the first choice for pregnant women.

vegetable and fruit

A healthy diet structure cannot be separated from vegetables and fruits. For pregnant women, carrots are a choice that cannot be missed. It is rich in carotene and vitamins. The rich vitamin A is an important substance for fetal growth and development.It may cause fetal skeletal deformity.Click on the blue word to learn more about carrot consumption: there are too many benefits for women to eat carrots, you must not know

Secondly, cauliflower should also eat more. Eating more cauliflower before giving birth can prevent post -gynecological bleeding, and also increase the content of vitamin K in breast milk. In addition, it can also increase the body resistance of pregnant women and prevent sickness during pregnancy.

In terms of fruit choices, apples cannot be missed. It is rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates and multiple vitamins, especially the high fine fiber content, which is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus and enhance the memory of the fetus.Furthermore, kiwi also needs to eat more. It not only tastes sweet and sweet, but also has rich nutrients, especially vitamin C content is extremely high, which is a good choice for pregnant women.

For pregnant women, these foods should be remembered to eat more, but what is remembered is that only by the perfect diet structure and comprehensive nutrition, it is the most beneficial to the fetus’s eating habits.

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