What should novice dads do during the pregnancy of daughter -in -law?

Hello everyone, as a novice dad, share with you what the dad should do in the early stages of daughter -in -law.

Before pregnancy, the pre -pregnancy preparation work is actually very simple, that is, to ensure your physical health, to ensure that the number and quality of sperm are prepared for eugenics and eugenics.Sperm is called the foundation of eugenics, and eugenics are the responsibilities and hope of each family. Of course, for the husband, of course, it is incomparable.

Quit smoking and alcohol and abstain from medicine.In the early pregnancy, both pregnant women and prospective dads must insist on doing so. At this time, because tobacco and alcohol and drugs, they will have an adverse effect on the development of the fetus.The prospective dad should take the initiative to bear some housework to reduce the physical consumption of his wife, thereby ensuring that she can get a full rest.

Protein is an important part of cells and an important raw material for sperm. It reasonably supplements foods rich in high -quality protein, which is good for coordinating male endocrine functions and improving the number and quality of sperm.Foods rich in high -quality protein: deep -sea fish and shrimp, oysters, soybeans, lean meat, eggs, etc.Excessive intake of protein substances can easily destroy the nutritional balance of nutrients in the body, cause insufficient intake of various substances such as vitamins, and cause acidic constitution, which is very unfavorable to conception.

Actively accompany his wife to the hospital for examination to confirm pregnancy.After confirmation, prepare folic acid and other vitamins that need to be supplemented under the guidance of a doctor, and supervise the wife to take it every time.Usually, we must be gentle and considerate to his wife to soothe her mood in the early pregnancy

For those expectant mothers who have severe pregnancy reactions, the prospective father should take care of it more carefully.Give more assistance when the wife responds to prepare her food for her.The prospective dad must also strictly check the diet during pregnancy to ensure the balance of diet and nutrition of pregnant women. It should be as reasonable as possible in the combination of vegetarian and vegetables. At the same time, nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and calcium iron are indispensable.

The prospective dad should prepare some books and parenting books during pregnancy. You can also communicate with some colleagues or friends who are already dads to learn from experience and lessons.At the same time, formulate a planning table for pregnancy with his wife to plan the inspection that you should do every month

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