What should my husband do when your wife is pregnant?Three things are in place, the family is happy

A healthy and smart baby is eager to own every family. The part that cannot be ignored is to grasp the excellent pregnancy.Just like before planting trees, flowers, and crops, we must apply fertilizer and rectify cultivated land. Make various preparations for pregnancy in advance. It is indispensable for the health foundation of the baby.The couple need to adjust their physiological and psychological state before pregnancy, and work hard for the healthy baby.So, when the wife is pregnant, what kind of care should be done as a husband?

1. Understand the breeding knowledge and pay attention to the development of the fetus

Husband can read some bred books with his wife, or accompany his wife to participate in the "Grand Lecture Hall of pregnancy and childbirth" organized by his wife, etc., know more about pregnancy and production knowledge, and pay attention to the development of the fetus at any time.Learn to listen to fetal heart sounds.When the wife is prenic, the husband may also actively participate in, insist on speaking and reading with the fetus every day, so that the fetus is familiar with the voice of the future dad.

2. Do a good family budget in advance

With the expansion of future families, husbands should also make corresponding family budgets.You can take out a backup money in advance to prepare from time to time.At the same time, if you feel that your financial resources are tight, you need to rest in life to reduce unnecessary expenses.The baby’s supplies do not need to prepare too much. One of the reasons is that when the baby is born, the relatives and friends will be given some of them.When parents, they inevitably have insufficient experience, and buy items that are easy to add and false in advance.Therefore, in addition to infant necessities, others can be used.

3. Understand tolerance and do a good job of his wife’s "outlet

After the expectant mother was pregnant, due to the changes in hormone levels, the mood would also be high and low. Sometimes they just said and laughed, but in a blink of an eye, she was tears in tears, and even a little bit of garlic was a small question, complaining.Although the husband is very aggrieved, for the sake of the wife to spend the pregnancy safely and smoothly, not only should he expressed understanding and patient listening, he is open -minded to "take the order in full", but also enlighten his wife to develop the baby in the abdomen.It is important to maintain a happy mood.

Expert tips: expectant mothers are pregnant. The prospective dad must better take care of her to keep her in a good mood and ensure that her camps bear the housework she must do every day.There is also the most direct care of the mother, especially in the late stage, the increasingly bulging abdomen makes the mothers’ actions more inconvenient. The prospective father should help and give the prospective mother’s emotional and most support.

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