What should I pay attention to when I know about pregnancy?What preparations?

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I recorded the key experience of the entire pregnancy, not only to leave a memorial for the family, but also to provide some references to the expectant mothers who were pregnant for the first time, hoping to gain confidence and security from it.

I want to tell you that you do n’t have to restrain your diet and life habits, do n’t be careful about being carefully taken care of, do n’t have to run around, you do n’t have to spend too much money, and you can smoothly and safely produce a healthy baby.

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In the afternoon in the summer, when I was sitting on the toilet and watching the two red lines were stupid, I was awakened by the doorbell of SF Express. It was Dongkui Yangmei, who was a loved man, who was on a business trip.

Like many parents who believe in food and supplement, my mother has taught an hour immediately since she knew about pregnancy and told me what to eat and what to eat, such as barley, longan, crab.

Seeing that I posted a picture of eating burgers in the circle of friends, she was distressed and immediately called to educate.

She also often shares some pseudo -scientific articles in health and healthy pseudo -scientific articles in the family WeChat group.

At the beginning, I adopted the policy of "turning a turn."After all, it was too struggling to argue with the stubborn parents, and did not want to change them. Do the most important thing for themselves.

But a certain time, she actually said that she would be very unbearable to send me a pretty direction and an old hen, and never tolerate.

Regardless of whether she can understand and accept, I expressed my position seriously: I know the importance of pregnancy, and I will take the diet and rest seriously than before. I know what kind of way is to be better responsible for the body.Learn to judge that don’t ask me to do it if you don’t have a brain heat without verification. It is not good for the body and affects the mood.

In the future, when she posted a fake article, I replied to "fake information, reported the report", and then found the correct article to share it again.

Although my mother is uncomfortable or even wronged, I must let her realize that although I have no experience, it does not mean ignorance. We must believe in scientific knowledge.

Some people’s parents or father -in -law are more stubborn and strong, and they even say, "Aren’t you all raised like this?" "I am not for your good."

I can only say that it is determined to determine my own position, the support of the joint partner, and clearly expresses the form of hard and hard.This beginning is difficult. I don’t want to wait until the "confinement" will make the situation worse.

I do n’t have to pick eatest problems. I just need to pay attention to eating sashimi, raw eggs (including salad sauce), tobacco, alcohol, juice, and drink plenty of water, peel the fruits, and other diets are the same as normal diet.

To tell the truth, I have eaten several times in crab, crayfish, snails and barbecue.

If you do n’t pay attention, you accidentally violate the above principles, and expectant mothers do n’t need to panic, as long as they are not too excessive and can be improved in time.

1. Eat at home or is it outside?

Compared with others, Mr. Zhang and I have a great advantage: Both of us are long -range workers in the Internet industry, and they are generally working at home.

Therefore, we do it at home almost every meal, and rarely eat takeaway. It can control nutrition and hygiene.

Specific mothers who do not have such conditions can get up early and make lunch lunch bento for simple, healthy, less salt and oil.

2. How many meals a day?

Although I also have nausea, I have never vomited.Try to avoid letting you feel uncomfortable and eat less.

After pregnancy, I have to start breakfast, because I will not be hungry at 7 o’clock every day … Sometimes, I wake up for food hungry at five in the morning.

In order to relieve hungry health, you can always have some quick -frozen coarse grain buns.

3. Eat some coarse grains to prevent constipation

By the way, I will deliberately let myself eat more crude fiber food, because I have a little constipation.

I heard that in the third trimester, bowel movements will be more difficult, so I intend to develop a physiological habits of regular bowel movements from the beginning.

4. Daily records, manage weight

I bought a weight measurement, and measured the record every morning.

It is recommended that expectant mothers record their weight every day from the first day of pregnancy. Early pregnancy (the first three months) does not need to grow weight.

Before I didn’t know that I was pregnant, I went to play badminton every week and jumped.At the same time, learn to swim and be tired after two hours.

After knowing that you are pregnant, everything except the badminton does not play, everything else is as usual.

Breakfast every day, climb back and forth stairs back and forth, and drag Mr. Zhang in the evening.Following fitness software, participate in simple courses, and complete half an hour of anaerobic training on the yoga mat.

In short, there is no discomfort.I have searched some tutorials on the movement of pregnant women on the Internet, such as yoga, and there are many lessons offline.But I think that exercise is still different from person to person.

If you do n’t know how to choose, swimming, climbing, and walking are the best exercise for pregnant women in early pregnancy.

I later stipulated that I insisted on taking 10,000 steps a day. The motivation is: I must give birth!

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