What should I pay attention to when diet during pregnancy?These two points, many expectant mothers will be wrong

High -dose X -ray, laser and unreasonable drugs, so the fetal deformity frequency will also increase.Therefore, women should avoid using any drugs that may cause teratogenic before or during pregnancy.Pay more attention to folic acid and vitamins in diet.

Many women want to know if they can eat Anga fish during pregnancy. Experts say that Anga fish is very rich in protein, which is more suitable for expectant mothers, which is also good for the baby’s intellectual development.Eating more bayonet fish for pregnant women can also relieve edema.

Fruit cannot replace vegetables

What cannot be missing in daily life is food, vegetables in the front, and also include people’s daily diet.Although vegetables and fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, they contain different types and numbers.

For example, fresh red dates, sweet orange, hawthorn, and citrus contains the most vitamin C, while other vitamins and minerals such as apples, pears, bananas are less than ordinary vegetables, and they are not as good as green leafy vegetables;Meats can make the protein between the two complement each other, so that the protein is more absorbed and utilized by the human body.Therefore, eating more vegetables allows the human body to get more vitamins.

Biscuits and bread can be used as a staple food

Some people think that these things are not nutritious and cannot be eaten frequently during fetal development.In fact, this is wrong.Because these things are mainly made of wheat and other flour, they belong to cereals. The main components are carbohydrates. Generally, it contains about 50-70%of carbohydrates, which can be used as a staple food.

For example, Europe and the United States use bread and biscuits as snacks. Eggs can make the protein content of bread or biscuits higher.In particular, the content of some whole wheat and biscuits will be higher than rice, which is conducive to improving the constipation of pregnant women. Therefore, if pregnant women do not want to eat rice, they can use biscuits and bread to charge hunger.And, for early pregnancy reactions, eating relatively dry food can reduce vomiting.

In summary, in addition to strengthening the safety of pregnant women during pregnancy, we should also pay attention to the health of pregnant women to ensure the rationality and nutritional value of the diet, thereby further ensuring the health of the fetus and expectant mothers.

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