What should I pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?What are the common symptoms and signs?

I am a prospective mother who has just confirmed that I am pregnant.I am very happy and nervous, because I know that the early stages of pregnancy is an important period of fetal development, and it is also the most prone to abortion.I want to protect myself and my baby as much as possible, so I checked a lot of information, learned about what matters should be paid to in the early stages of pregnancy, and what common symptoms and signs and signs.I want to share with you here, I hope to help other expectant mothers.

First of all, pay attention to sexual life.Although the sexual life of husband and wife is a normal life, when I am pregnant, I have to consider the safety of the fetus.The doctor told me that in order to ensure the health of the fetus, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 months.The sexual friendship will cause the uterine contraction and increase the risk of miscarriage.If non -sexual intercourse, avoid severe actions and in -depth insertions, as well as any behavior that may cause infection.

Second, pay attention to seeking medical treatment in time.If abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination immediately.Because this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or abortion.Ectopic pregnancy refers to fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterus, such as tubes and ovaries.Ectopic pregnancy will endanger my life and need to be removed in time.Abortion refers to the natural flowing out of the fetus within 20 weeks or manually.Abortion can cause my physical and mental trauma, and I need to stop bleeding and preservation in time.

Again, I should pay attention to supplement folic acid.Folic acid is a member of vitamin B family, which is very important for the development of fetal nerve tube.If folic acid is lacking, fetal malformations, such as brain -free, spine bales, etc.The doctor told me that in order to prevent fetal malformations, I started from early pregnancy (preferably starting from planning to be pregnant), and I needed to take 0.4 mg of folic acid tablets a day.In addition, I have to eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apple, citrus, etc.

Next, pay attention to prenatal examination and diagnosis.Preparatory examinations and diagnosis can timely discover the fetus and my health in time to prevent and deal with possible problems.The doctor told me that at 12 weeks of pregnancy, I needed to go to the street hospital for a prenatal examination, and established a pregnant woman to contact the health care manual.In the future prenatal examination, you can choose to conduct in the second -level hospital or the hospital where the delivery is located.The prenatal inspection items and frequencies will be determined according to my specific circumstances, which generally include blood pressure, weight, urine test, blood test, palace high, abdominal circumference, fetal heart, B -ultrasound, etc.Preparatory diagnosis can exclude some major abnormalities, and can be done at the earliest 8 weeks of pregnancy.At present, the most commonly used chromosome tests are fluff examination and peripheral blood screening.If necessary, you can do amniocestinal puncture at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy to further confirm the diagnosis.

Then, be careful not to make up for it without authorization.In the early stages of pregnancy, I often have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and anorexia, which will affect my appetite.In diet, I don’t advocate great nutrition, mainly based on my own preferences, and eat whatever you want.When you vomit more powerful, I will pay attention to eating some light, easy to digest food.When you enter the second trimester, the pregnancy reaction disappears, and then the nutrition is too late.The doctor told me that hot foods can not be eaten during pregnancy, such as dog meat, lamb, pepper, etc.Replenishment during pregnancy should follow the principle of "Yiliang and avoid fever". Even if it is fruit, it should be eaten with flat and cold things, such as tomatoes, pears, peaches, etc.

Finally, pay attention to rest and exercise.In the early stages of pregnancy, it is easy to feel tired and sleepy, so you need to rest properly.Excessive fatigue can easily cause abortion, especially those who have an elderly mother, have a history of abortion, and pregnant women who have some chronic diseases need to pay special attention to rest.

Avoid too much hard work, strenuous exercise and emotional excitement in the early pregnancy, so that you can maintain a good mental state as much as possible.At the same time, pay attention to scientific exercise.Exercise can enhance my physique and immunity, promote blood circulation and metabolism, prevent constipation and edema.The doctor told me that in the absence of contraindications, you can choose some exercise methods suitable for pregnant women, such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, etc.But avoid some dangerous or severe ways of exercise, such as dancing, rope skipping, cycling, skiing, taekwondo, etc.Pay attention to the control strength and time during exercise. Do not excess or too fierce. Generally, it is not more than 30 minutes each exercise. It is advisable to exercise 3-5 times a week.Prepare activities and relax activities before and after exercise, keep breathing stable, and avoid impact or compression of the abdomen.Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and shoes during exercise to maintain water and nutritional supplements.

In addition to these precautions, I also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Pay attention to protecting yourself from the effects of radiation and pollution.In daily life, some radiation will affect the fetus, such as computers, mobile phones, microwave oven, TV, etc.The doctor told me that I can wear a spoke -proof jacket to reduce the dangers of radiation. When watching TV, it is farther away from the TV. When using the microwave oven, you should walk away. Do not hang your phone on your chest.In addition, I also need to avoid contact with harmful chemicals and air pollutants, such as newly renovated houses, paint, perfumes, smoke, etc.I want to open more windows to ventilate and inhale fresh air.

Pay attention to emotional fluctuations and psychological pressure.In the early stages of pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels and physical discomfort, I was prone to psychological problems such as emotional fluctuations, anxiety, and depression.The doctor told me that this is a normal physiological phenomenon, and I don’t have to worry too much.I have to learn to regulate my emotions and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.I can listen to light music, watch comedy films, and make manual methods to relax myself.I can also communicate with my family, friends, and doctors to seek their understanding and support.

Pay attention to the right clothing and underwear.In the early stages of pregnancy, my breasts will become larger and more sensitive, and my abdomen will gradually bulge.The doctor told me that I would choose some loose, soft, comfortable clothing and underwear to avoid restraint or stimulate my breasts and abdomen.I want to choose some elastic and regulatable bras to adapt to changes in the breasts.I want to choose some elastic, low -waist or adjustable pants or skirts to adapt to changes in the abdomen.

Pay attention to preparing to be born and childbirth plans.Although it is still early in the early stages of pregnancy, it can already start preparing for delivery

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