What should I pay attention to at 9 months of pregnancy, do you know?Unclear expectant mothers come to get!

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By 9 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers in the third trimester will have frequent urination, increased back pain, increased contractions, and physical and mental uneasy.What do you welcome your baby?

1. Foods of high -quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins

Specific mothers now weigh about 500g per week, and about half of the growth rates from the weight gain of the baby baby, so nutrition must keep up with.

On the basis of the original diet, follow the principle of "eating less and more meals", and focus on high -quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins, such as eggs, meat, fish, milk, green vegetables, etc., and it is necessary to add vitamin B1, vitamin B1,Vitamin K, iron, calcium, etc.

2. Food rich in cellulose

By September pregnancy, because the fetus enters the basin, expectant mothers are more likely to cause constipation, so they need to eat more foods containing more cellulose to prevent and relieve constipation.

3. Food that helps to soothe gods

In September of pregnancy, due to the gradual increase of the uterus, the baby’s fetal movement became more powerful, and the mothers’ sleep is getting worse and worse, so you can also eat some soothing foods, such as lilies, lotus seeds, red dates, and lush cauliflower.wait.

4. Do not abuse traditional Chinese medicine supplements

In fact, not only the third trimester, it is not recommended to abuse traditional Chinese medicine supplements throughout pregnancy.If you really lack nutrition, you should take Chinese medicine supplements appropriately under the dialectical guidance of a doctor, otherwise the inappropriate eating may cause fetal movement or even abortion.

The prospective mothers in September of pregnancy need to be performed every two weeks, and the project is conventional production inspection and urine test.It should be noted that the expectant mothers are more inconvenient to act because of the enlarged belly, so it is best to choose to go to the production inspection when there are fewer people, and it is best to let the family go to the production inspection while paying attention to rest.

In this month, most expectant mothers’ panic and shortness of breath will increase.Due to the increase in the uterus, the rise and pushing the heart, coupled with the vigorous metabolism, will add the heart burden, and the phenomenon of panic and shortness will become more and more obvious, but the expectant mother does not have to panic.Sleep for a while, be careful not to lie on to prevent hypotension in the supine position.

In addition, expectant mothers also need to prevent early breakthrough.It is necessary to do regular check -ups, pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, avoid sexual life in the last month, and maintain a balanced diet (ensure sufficient vitamin C and vitamin D intake, keep the fetal membrane toughness).

Getting closer and closer to childbirth, the mood of expectant mothers often becomes anxious, so you can usually listen to some relaxed music, beautiful poems, and relaxed jokes to relieve emotions. Of courseReading, the effect of prenatal education will be better.

From then on, you can start preparing for the birth package, including the things that the mother needs to use during the hospitalization and after discharge, what the baby may use after the baby may use, and some documents that may be used during the hospitalization.

If you are a mothers in the workplace, you usually start a vacation this month, then you need to prepare before maternity leave, including confirming the work docking person in advance, handover work, informing colleagues, and so on.

Do you get these precautions for expectant mothers in the third trimester?The fetal head is in the basin and may be delivered at any time, so it is important to do these preparations in advance. I also wish that mothers can go smoothly, side -cut, and super fast delivery!

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