What should I pay attention to after doing the flow of people?

The precautions after the flow of people are more or less.

First of all, we must closely observe whether you have fever, lower abdomen pain, vaginal endocrine and bleeding.The biggest side effects of the abortion occur in infection, producing acute endometritis.If there is infection, these cases will occur.Whether it is fever, lower abdomen pain, vaginal bleeding or increased secretions, you should see a doctor in time.Some doctors did not do ultrasound before surgery, and did not check whether there were fluffy with the scratch after the operation.

In any case, after finishing the flow of people, you must ask the doctor if there is a fluff in the scraping.If there is no fluff, you should immediately track the blood HCG value and do an ultrasound to prevent leakage or leakage.

Second, the possibility of damage the intestinal tube during the flow.The most common symptoms after damage are abdominal pain.Especially the abdominal pain of the entire abdomen first in a certain part, then expanded to the entire abdomen, or starting with only abdominal pain, and then fever, it must be highly vigilant.

Third, if there is vaginal bleeding, we must be alert to bleeding caused by incomparable flow of people.A small amount of bleeding is normal, but if the amount of bleeding is greater than the menstrual volume, you should see a doctor in time.

Fourth, after the flow of people, we should pay attention to the hygiene of reproductive tract and prohibit houses from at least 2 weeks.

Fifth, it is easier to ignore this problem to do a good job of contraception after flow.Many people vowed to vowed (measures), but once they went to bed, they forgot their vows and remembered cleanliness.If possible, you can go to the ring when flowing.If there is a plan to get pregnant recently, there should be a condom during the postoperative intercourse.If you do not take any protection measures again, you should take emergency contraceptives orally.In order to prevent adhesion of the uterine cavity, and for contraception, it is recommended to take a short-acting contraceptive pill for a 2-3 cycle after flow.

Sixth, if there is no menstrual tide for a long time after the abortion, you must go to the hospital for examination to be alert to "leak suction".The so -called leakage is that the embryo does not sucked out, and the embryo continues to develop and grow in the uterus.Although it is rare, this is always the case every year.

Seventh, if there is no menstrual tide after the abortion, but lower abdominal pain, especially the periodic and once a month’s lower abdomen pain, the cervical adhesion must be suspected.This situation also needs to be asked for a doctor for examination.In addition, there is also a complication of the uterine repair process after the endometrium damage.In order to prevent this, some experts suggest that oral contraceptives after surgery 2-3 cycles.But whether it is necessary to use it, the academic community has not yet unified views.

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