What should I know about mold vaginitis?

For women, gynecological diseases, vaginitis (especially fungal vaginitis) has a high prevalence.Even pregnant women should pay special attention to this vaginitis.75%of women in the world will be attacked by mold.Moobacter infection is easy to recur, which can reach the frequency of recurrence 4 times a year.Pregnant women and diabetic patients are more moldy people infected.Pregnant women’s mold infection can also affect the baby in the abdomen.How to stay away from mold and be a healthy perfect woman?Take a look at the following healthy tips!

1. Must use less antibiotics

Cough, fever, headache, eat antibiotics?As everyone knows, antibiotics may inhibit some beneficial bacteria, and mold will take a lot of reproduction.Therefore, the use of antibiotics to be cautious.

2. The underwear must be cleaned separately

Mold can reproduce in large quantities in the surface of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal tract, nails.If your family or herself has athletes, onychomycosis, etc., it is easy to cause mildew cross infection.Therefore, the underwear must be washed alone.

3. Do not use the nursing solution over too much

Frequent use of acidic gynecological cleaner disinfection agents, disinfection pads, etc., it is easy to create a humid and acidic environment that breeds mold.Gynecological cleaning products with weak alkali formulas are more suitable for daily cleaning.

4. Pay special attention to hygiene during pregnancy

Sex hormone levels, vaginal glycogen and acidity in pregnancy will increase, and it is easily attacked by mold.For pregnant women, oral drugs should not be used, but should choose to prevent local prevention and auxiliary treatment plans.

5. Pay attention to the bacteria in the washing machine

Almost every laundry barrel is hidden in mold!And the more diligent the washing machine is used, the more mold, so it should be cleaned regularly.

6. Pay attention to the hygiene of public places

A large amount of mold may be hidden in public.Go out, do not use the hotel’s bathtub, wear long pajamas, use toilet paper in front of the toilet, and so on.At the same time, suitable personal cleaning care products are selected.

7. Choose the correct method of contraception

Estrogen in contraceptives has the effect of promoting mold invasion.If fungal vaginitis repeatedly occurs, try not to use drug contraception as much as possible.

8. Gynecological disease must be treated at the same time

If you are infected with mold vaginitis, it is not only you, but also you, so that you will have the expected effect.

9. Wear cotton underwear

Pure cotton underwear is more conducive to the breath of private parts, so try to reduce wearing tight underwear.

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