What should I do when you really don’t want to work today

Some people look forward to work, and some people feel that sometimes work is painful.

This article tells you why sometimes you do n’t want to work, and there are some tips that allow you to cope with the past when you do n’t want to work.


Why don’t you want to work today

There are some reasons that may make you do not want to work today: you are too tired: if you do n’t sleep well or your body is uncomfortable, you ca n’t help anything, let alone work.Moreover, lack of sleep will also affect your attention, memory and decision -making, these are essential skills in work.You have a job burnout: In addition to ordinary tiredness, you may also have work burnout.A study surveyed the employees of the six companies and found that 60%of them said they felt tired.You are too stressful: According to the data of the National Institute of Vocational Safety and Health, 40%of the workers feel that their work pressure is extremely large.Although appropriate short -term pressure can make you more spiritual and improve your efficiency, long -term pressure will cause damage to your physical and mental health.You don’t like your job: If you are not interested in what you do, then going to work is a kind of torture.This may be because you don’t do what you want to do, or feel that what you do is meaningless, or you are disappointed with your dreams of your dreams, or you have no progress or challenge at work.You encounter trouble in the workplace: If your boss requires too high, or you have conflicts with your colleagues, or if you and your team members cannot close it, then there will be conflicts and unhappy at work.You are not suitable for this kind of work culture: if a company is chaotic, does not support employees, puts pressure on employees or discriminates against employees, it will be difficult to work in such an environment.Bad work culture will affect your cooperation with your team and reduce your satisfaction with your work.You feel bored: everyone sometimes feels bored or lazy.Occasionally, it doesn’t matter, but if this often shows that your work is not suitable for you.


What should you do when you don’t want to work today

If you don’t want to work today, these tips may be useful to you.If possible, the easiest way is to ask for a day off.

If you are uncomfortable, please leave sick leave.If you are tired or emotionally tired, please take a day of mental health and leave.Although this cannot solve all the problems, it is still good to rest for a day.

(1) Reflection

Take time to think about why you don’t want to work.Is this like this every day, or is it just today?Is it because you are too tired or the pressure is too great, or is it because of your work or working environment?Finding the reason for this feeling can help you change your life and make yourself better.

(2) Exercise

If you don’t want to work because you are bored or lazy, you may be helpful when you exercise.Running, fast -walking, or doing any exercise you like can make you feel more comfortable, more spiritual, and easier to think, focus and work.

(3) Change the place to work

If you can choose a job location freely, try to change the place to work.It can be another position in the office, another room at home or a nearby cafe.In another environment, you can make your eyes shine, and you can also have new ideas.

(4) Do simple things first

Do something simple first may be helpful to you, allowing you to slowly enter the working state.You can first look at the email, reply, or arrange a meeting or something.When you start, you can do something more difficult.

(5) Rest frequently

Be sure to leave some rest time during the day.If your job requires you to sit in one place, try to rest for 5 to 10 minutes per hour, walk around, and do some exercise.

(6) Change your daily habits

Try to think about whether your daily habits can be improved.For example, can you get up early to work early, and feel more energetic?

Or, if you eat a healthy breakfast before starting work, will you be more powerful?Your daily habits will have a great impact on your life, so it is best to adjust it to the way suitable for you.

(7) Think about your goal and reward yourself

Think about why you work and what your goal is, which will help you.For example, do you want to buy a house, support your family, or live the life you want?Remember your goals and see how far you are going.

Celebrate your achievements in your work and give yourself a reward for your work goals, so that you can make you more motivated.

The reward does not have to spend money or luxury -they can be some small things, as long as you feel happy.For example, you can drink a cup of coffee after each task is completed on time.

In fact, your rewards don’t have to spend money!You can go for a walk, watch a movie you want to watch for a long time, or take a comfortable bath.You can also relax yourself after working hours.

(8) Evaluate your work

If you don’t want to work because of problems related to work, colleagues or companies, please start making plans to solve these problems.

Talk to your boss about your concerns?Will it be more suitable for you to change the character?Do you want to find another job and quit this job?With the plan, start action.

(9) Planning holiday

Holidays are a good opportunity that allows you to rest from work and restore your energy.Although you may not be able to travel immediately, you can arrange a future trip and start planning from today.This will make you look forward to it.

(10) Go for individual examination

If you are uncomfortable or tired, and you do n’t know why, you can help you find out if you have a healthy problem.

(11) Find a mental health expert to chat

If you have difficulties in psychology or emotion, go to a psychologist and tell them about your concerns, which may be useful to you.

Everyone will not want to work.However, if you have a physical or mental health problem, it is difficult to work, then it must be treated in time.On the other hand, if you have a job -related problem, think about your work status and think about what choices you have.

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