What should I do if the vulvar itching symptoms?Remember these 5 points, actively deal with it may effectively alleviate

Vulvar itching is a very common symptom. A variety of gynecological lesions and external stimuli can cause itching.The symptoms of vulvar itching mainly appear in women’s labia or vagina, which has a serious impact on women’s lives. Sometimes itching and difficulty can make patients sit difficult to settle, and it is more prone to vulvar itching at night.In addition, the symptoms of vulvar itching during menstruation may be the most serious, so it is necessary to understand which methods to alleviate women’s vulvar itching.

What should I do if the vulvar itching symptoms?

1. When women have symptoms of vulvar itching, they cannot scratch with their hands.Some women can’t stand the pain caused by the itching of the vulva, and scratch it with their hands, causing skin to break the skin in the local area, and even have infection.In fact, it cannot be scratched by hand when the vulvar itching symptoms can be scratched by hand, nor can they be washed with hot water.This will cause itching. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can use the vulva cleaning solution to clean the local location to reduce itching.

2. When the symptoms of vulvar itching occur, you need to pay attention to personal hygiene.In your life, you should often change to wash your own clothes, especially after sweating, it is best to take a bath immediately, and wash off the sweaty clothing.Underwear is best to choose ventilation and cotton material, which can ensure that the vulva is relatively dry and it is not easy to breed bacteria.During menstruation, pay attention to replace sanitary napkins in time to keep the vulva clean and hygienic.

3. When vulvar itching symptoms occur, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.Because in the case of letting no matter, the symptoms of vulva itching will further increase, which will have a serious impact on the life and work of patients.At this time, go to the hospital for examination to see what causes it.If there is a skin ulceration or the symptoms of infection appear, it is necessary to treat it in time.If the vulvar itching is caused by mold or trichomoniasis, it can be treated with drugs such as extinguishing titers or inrey or inrey, which can improve the symptoms of vulvar itching and leucorrhea.

4. When the vulvar itching symptoms occur, the patient’s diet in daily life needs to pay great attention.Spicy, fried, and greasy foods require strict taboos, otherwise it will easily induce severe symptoms of allergies.The patient’s diet is mainly light, eating more protein and vitamin foods, and fruits and vegetables should be eaten more.

5. Women with vulvar itching symptoms need to maintain a good attitude to avoid the emergence of bad emotions.To be relaxed and stable, ensure sleep quality.

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