What should I do if the pregnant mother has a cold?Please press the following 3 methods, do not care about it

After pregnancy, the body must go through a series of changes. This process is hard and wonderful, accompanied by hope and pain.But at the moment when the new life is born, you understand that these are worth it.

Many pain and discomfort during pregnancy are brought about by pregnancy. It is not a disease itself, so it does not need to be treated.But for some real diseases, it is indeed tricky during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women will encounter a cold during pregnancy.In October, the time is long, and many pregnant women will catch a cold, so what should I do if I have a cold?Let’s talk about today.

1 Distinguish bacterial infection and viral cold

Viral colds are what we call influenza.Influenza virus is raging in spring and winter, and at this time, it is easy to cause viral infections.If it is a viral cold, you don’t need to take medicine, you will get better.The usual wind -wind capsule or something will affect the fetus, so you can’t eat it.You only need to drink plenty of water and wait for the body’s immune system to kill virus.

If it is a bacterial infection, you have to take medicine.Bacteria can only be killed by antibiotics.However, bacterial infection medicines cannot be taken by themselves. Some antibiotics, although the American Medical Association is listed as a safer medicine for pregnant women, it has only experimented on animal body and has no clinical experiments confirmed.Therefore, you must be cautious and follow the doctor’s advice.

Therefore, after a cold, distinguish.It is best to go to the hospital to check, you need to take a little bit of blood.

2 Heat immediately seek medical treatment immediately

Viral colds and bacterial infection types of colds may cause fever.

High fever is very dangerous. The toxins produced by high fever will enter the baby’s body through the placenta, affecting the baby’s development.Especially in the three months of the teratogenic sensitive period.If you find that you have high fever, no matter what kind of infection, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Do not blindly use fever, physical cooling can be used.For example, apply cold towels.However, alcohol wipe is absolutely impossible.

3 How to prevent colds, you have to see.Prevention is extremely important.

Prevent needle

Infection will increase a lot of risks.Viral colds can be prevented, and there are also influenza vaccines.Therefore, if you are preparing to get pregnant or have already become pregnant, you can get flu vaccines, which can greatly reduce the probability of a viral cold.If you have children at home, you can also fight for your child.

Drink plenty of water and wash your hands frequently

Drink plenty of water to speed up metabolism, fast metabolism, and can excrete viruses.And drinking plenty of water will stimulate the secretion of "antidic hormones", which can promote the improvement of immune function.

Hands often touch everywhere, wash your hands more, bacteria will not enter the body because of the use of your hands.

Go to a place with less people and keep the home humidity at home

You must go to a place with a lot of people and bring a mask.The humidity at home is high, and the powder and virus cannot be drifted.It is not easy to enter human respiratory tract.

In summary, many pain during pregnancy is not sick, but many pregnant women will be troubled by colds.After a cold, first distinguish the type, and seek medical treatment in time when you encounter fever.

The disease focuses on prevention, and it is troublesome to get in the future."Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste".I hope everyone attaches importance to prevention.Washing hands, drinking plenty of water, leaving less, and preventing needles can effectively prevent colds.

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