What should I do if the dog is pregnant?Do you know these care methods?

Many people like to raise a dog, but if there is a girl and dog at home, then you may have to go through a nervous and happy thing, that is, the dog is pregnant!But how should the dog be pregnant?Most people may be confused, so today I will tell you how to take care of the dogs who have been pregnant.

Generally speaking, some dogs vomit 7-15 days after pregnancy. You may not see it carefully, and then some dogs will increase appetite and do not pick up eaters.It is so swollen, but it will not shrink back to the past. The breasts are obviously developed. For 30-40 days, you can see that the abdomen bulges on both sides. Some dogs’ breasts may have drooped down.It is obvious that the abdomen is enlarged and drooping at 40-50 days. After 50 days, the dog’s breasts can be squeezed out of milk. Generally, 60-62 days are produced.

Dogs during pregnancy must pay attention to diet. In addition to the dog’s diets, in addition to a certain amount of se coming feed, from 20 days after mating, meat, fish powder, bone powder, eggs, vegetables, etc. can be appropriately increased.After 45 days, eat less meals a day (3-4 meals).Before childbirth, you must feed the digestive food and provide sufficient drinking water.During pregnancy, the number of bitches will increase.You can try to replenish some iron.Calcium is also very important.After the nutrition is made up, there is a puppy with strength.

As the output period is approaching, the bitch will appear more and more uneasy, the appetite will be greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of panting often occurs.I like to run to the dark and scratch the floor with its front foot.This kind of condition before childbirth will last about 2 weeks, and may sometimes be shorter or even 1-2 days. These are normal.As long as the bitch is no longer working hard, the vulva does not have non -color secretions, and other aspects are healthy, these are normal, don’t worry too much.

Anorexia, decreased appetite, and almost no food at all, indicating that the baby’s birth time is getting closer and closer.At this time, you need to make some preparation preparations: within two weeks before giving birth, you should prepare a clean large carton (the best wooden box) for it.corner of.Help your pets adapt to this box within ten days before giving birth, and use it as its "delivery room" and "infant room".If your pet is a long -haired animal, you should first cut off the long hair around the breast and around the pussy, so as to produce and nurture young children in the future.

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