What should I do if the cow diarrhea is diluted?What kind of medicine should I do?This article tells you

In the past two days, there are breeding friends to consult. What should I do if cow dull diarrhea?Many of our breeding friends have encountered it, so today we will talk about how to treat cows to treat dilute diarrhea. You do n’t have to worry about this situation in the future.

1. Timely stop diarrhea

After the cows have diarrhea, we have to treat it as soon as possible, and don’t let it pull it down.In terms of the choice of treatment methods, we can choose a more secure and gentle method than the treatment of injections. Using the cows that are diluted: Amway Tai Bao can quickly solve the cows’ dilute diarrhea, especially for blood and intestinal tract, intestinal tract, intestinal tractSymptoms such as bleeding have a good treatment effect, and the speed of hemostasis stops.

If the condition of cow diarrhea is serious, we can use: diarrhea too much guarantee, the treatment effect is very strong, and it is generally not necessary to use other drugs. The pregnancy cow can also be used, but it cannot exceed the standard dosage.

2. Prevent mold toxins

The cows have diarrhea, and they always recur every time after a period of time. This may be the reason why we have not solved the cow’s dilute, which leads to repeated cow cows.

The cows are repeatedly diluted and there are no other obvious diseases, so it is usually related to two aspects, mold toxins and gastrointestinal problems.

Mold toxin is very harmful to the body of the cows. Many of our farmers usually think of mold toxins after seeing the moldy feed. At this time, it is too late.It caused damage to the cow’s intestine, causing cows to keep diarrhea.

Therefore, when we are breeding, it is best to use long -term mixing: Kemuli is too guaranteed, do a good job of de -mildew, and can also purify the toxins in the cow body. In addition, we must feed more clean drinking water to promote metabolism in the body.Accelerate the discharge of toxins.

3. Nourishing the stomach

When the cows are diluted, the gastrointestinal system has always been damaged. After the cure cow is cured, we have no conditioning gastrointestinal system. Even if the cow gastrointestinal system can be repaired by ourselves, it takes time.At this time, this time, this has caused the intestinal system that is in the restoration period to be injured again. If the intestinal digestion is not good, it will repeatedly dilute.

Therefore, after the cows are diluted, do not rush to feed the cows so much, feed the materials of six or seven points full, let the intestine adapt first, and mix in the material at the same time: Mother An Tai Bao+Anbi Tai Bao, this is this stomach, this is the stomach, this is this.The traditional Chinese medicine and probiotics in it can regulate the gastrointestinal system, regulate the intestinal flora, enhance the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal system, so that the cows can eat well and digestion.

In summary, giving cows to treat dilute diarrhea, we must not simply consider anti -diarrhea, but also consider several other aspects so as to ensure the health of cows in all aspects.

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