What should I do if progesterone is low?How to add?If you are preparing for pregnancy, you must know these knowledge

Aunt Xiao Zhou did not report for 3 days later. The pregnancy test stick was positive. Xiao Zhou hurried to the hospital to register to find a gynecologist and checked HCG and progesterone.risk.Xiao Zhou remembered abortion in less than 40 days of pregnancy. This time, he quickly ate progesterone and injected luteum ketone every day.

What kind of people are prone to low progesterone?What are the adverse consequences of progesterone?How to add progesterone?

Peridocin low is called lack of luteal function. Most of them are caused by low FSH or LH peaks during follicle development. Patients with hyperburnemia and endometriosis are prone to luteal function.

So what is luteum?

If pregnancy is regarded as the bud and growth of a seed, the fertilized eggs are the seeds, the uterus is the land of seed growth, the luteal is the "nutrient supplier" of the seeds, and it is the only "nutrient supplier" in the early pregnancy.

How does the luteal act as the "nutrient supplier" of the land of the uterus?

High -concentration of progesterone (that is, progesterone) secreted in early pregnancy can protect endometrium, stabilize the implant environment of fertilized eggs, calm the increased uterine, and support and guarantee early fetal growth and development.When the luteal endocrine function is incomplete, there is not enough luteum to produce, so pregnant mothers with luteal dysfunction will have low progesterone in the early days.As a nutrients for the uterus, its deficiencies directly affect the implantation of the fertilized eggs, and it is difficult to provide sufficient support for the growth and development of the fetus. It is easy to cause infertility.Essence

Some patients start a small amount of vaginal bleeding without menstruation. Checking the basic body temperature and high temperature is as short as 11 days. It may be this problem!Some unknown infertility women are often accompanied by lack of luteal function, but they may not find it.

If a woman with insufficient luteum function is prepared to get pregnant, you can start ovulation treatment directly during menstruation.Or muscle injection of progesterone to supplement progesterone. Once you measure your pregnancy, you need to continue to use luteum ketone tires. Of course, Chinese medicine tires should not be underestimated.

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