What should I do if my infantiers talk about my foot during pregnancy?

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Many pregnant mothers have edema in the middle of pregnancy.Pregnant women’s foot swelling divides physiological and abnormal phenomena.Why does pregnant women have foot swelling?

1. Find the cause of foot swelling:

Due to the increased pressure of the pelvis in the uterus after pregnancy, the pressure of the pelvis is increased, resulting in poor blood flow, it is easy to cause swelling.Some pregnant mothers have swelling in 12 weeks of pregnancy, and expectant mothers generally solve problems through rest and sleep.This situation is a normal physiological edema during pregnancy.

2. If the problem of abnormal foot swelling occurs, edema develops from the foot or ankle to the whole body. This is an abnormal phenomenon. You need to actively find the cause and symptomatic treatment.First of all, it depends on whether your blood pressure is high or not, whether it is caused by pregnancy hypertension.If not, measure the blood pressure and urine routine, depending on whether it is a stretch hypertension, and timely calcium supplementation should be timely.

2. What should I do if the pregnant mother’s feet swelling?

Physiological foot swelling is operated according to the following steps, which can alleviate the swelling of the pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers must ensure that animal, poultry, meat, fish, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk and other animal foods and soy foods.This kind of food is rich in high -quality protein.Pregnant mothers with anemia can also use iron supplements every week.

2. Eat light food when edema to prevent edema from getting worse.Pregnant mothers with severe edema should properly control the intake of moisture.

Pregnant mothers eat more vegetables and fruits.Vegetables and fruits contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body, which can improve the body’s resistance.

It is recommended to eat less indigestion and flattering foods (such as fried glutinous rice cakes), so as not to cause bloating, poor blood flow, and increased edema.

5. Pregnant mothers should wear loose and comfortable shoes.

Kind tips:

Pregnant mothers’ feet are prone to swelling. It is best to choose soft and natural soft leather or cloth shoes, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of the feet.

Pregnant mothers suggest not to stand for a long time.Edema is easy to worsen.

It is recommended not to eat pickles.

Pay attention to rest:

1. Pay attention to rest.Pregnant mothers should rest properly.

2. When the pregnant mother sleeps, try to sleep on the left.Take the left side when sleeping, which can avoid compression to the lower limb veins and reduce the resistance of blood flow. At the same time, it can also reduce the compression of the heart. You can choose a U -shaped pillow.

3. If the pregnant mother feels like falling or swelling, she can buy a belly with a gently hold it to reduce the pressure.

4. Pregnant mothers should soak their feet with warm water before going to bed, and then massage again.This foot wash is suitable for pregnant women.Then put two pillows on the feet, and put them up.This is also easy to relieve your later edema.

In summary.Many of the pregnant women usually have leg swelling, so there is no need to worry about it. It can be relieved according to the above operation.After a week of birth, my feet swelling disappeared naturally.

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